Types of Garden Storage

Garden Stores are available in a wide range of materials and sizes, some are suitable for general storage while others are specifically designed for items as diverse as bicycles and wheelie bins. Read our handy guide to the types of storage units available for your garden and their many uses.

Wood, Plastic or Metal

Wooden stores in various styles are either dip or pressure treated to prevent rot and are generally guaranteed for between ten and fifteen years although re-treatment with preservative can greatly extend their lifespan. You should check that the timber comes from sustainable sources and has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo.

Vinyl or PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene (HDPE) and resin are all used in the manufacture of plastic garden stores. They will offer great durability and will not rot or rust. No painting or preservative is required, and any colour should be retained through their resistance to UV rays.

The rust and corrosion that used to be associated with metal storage has now been eliminated by the use of galvanized steel, which has a protective zinc coating, and usually several layers of polymer coatings. These processes ensure a hardwearing UV resistant finish with an impressive guarantee of up to 25 years. Stainless fixtures and fittings should also be used and, because of their fireproof nature, metal stores are particularly useful on camp and caravan sites.

Timber Garden Stores

Forest Garden, Rowlinson and Shedlands all offer a number of shiplap. overlap and tongue & groove style general storage boxes. Their natural finish and appearance is perfectly suited to the garden landscape and you have the choice of many different dip or pressure treated sizes that cater for garden toys, tools and equipment.

These versatile stores can be easily accessed, through double front doors or a top that can be easily lifted. Placed against a wall they are compact and can be used to tidy away children's playthings as well as larger items such as bicycles, with all the contents kept dry and protected from bad weather.

Plastic Garden Stores

Suncast have a range of cabinets and desk boxes made from blow moulded resin but their innovative garden storage furniture also catches the eye. In a choice of colours and with a contemporary wicker appearance, there are comfortable benches and chairs together with side tables, and they all contain integral storage space.

Plastic storage is also offered by Rowlinson in the form of their Utility Cabinet, Stores and Cushion Boxes that can also be used as a bench, while Lifetime offers similar boxes with rigid double walls and spring hinged lid.

Metal Garden Stores

There are four versions of the BioHort Leisure Time Box, up to 800 litres, they have a gas operated spring opening system, excellent ventilation and cylinder locks for security.

TriMetals have Storeguard, Stowaway and Sentinel garden stores, they also offer both great security with padlock points and easy access through a spring assisted cantilevered front and top. The Patio Box has a gas-assisted hinged lid with a double bolted key lock and heavy-duty integral floor which is designed to be bolted onto a hard base.


Bicycle and Motor Bike Stores

As the cost of bicycles and other outdoor items increases so does the threat of theft but fortunately, there are several specialist storage facilities that emphasize security.

Featuring pick resistant locks and designed to be attack-resistant, the Asgard range of heavy duty metal storage sheds can also safeguard quad bikes, sit on lawn mowers and other valuable equipment.

If you have limited space, Asgard have a twin and vertical bike locker, in addition to a double-ended locker suitable to be located at the side of a house. The latter has two independent doors and internal locking points that ensure the two bikes can be secured independently of each other inside the same unit.

Both Outbox and Asgard have garages large enough for two motorcycles with outstanding security including a five-point locking system, and many other features such as electrical points and ventilation to allow exhaust fumes to escape.

Alternatively, the larger models in the Biohort StoreMax range of utility storage boxes, with coated aluminium roll-up shutters, are big enough for a scooter or bicycle, and Forest manufacture wooden bike stores to a slim design that allow the owner easy access.

TriMetals' four storage solutions include a specialist Bicycle Store that has ample width and height for all types of mountain and racing bikes. Depending on their design, there's usually enough room for three adult bikes. They feature a spring assisted opening action that allows easy access and two padlock points for extra security. Larger 'Titan' garages are designed to accommodate motorcycles.


Wheelie Bins, Recycling and LPG

Many households across the UK will now have received two wheelie bins. Normally, one for household rubbish and another for recycling paper, glass, cans and plastic.

Forest Garden, Duramax, Lotus and Keter all manufacture timber, metal and plastic wheelie bin stores while Rowlinson offers a large range of single, double and triple versions with a natural timber finish and a stylish design that hides the bins but allows easy access.

Usefully, the lid of the Rowlinson and Keter stores can be attached to the bin lid so they open at the same time.

Dorset Log Stores offer a comprehensive range to hide one, two or three wheelie bins and recycling boxes. Each one is attractively designed and built from heavy Swedish Redwood which has been pressure treated against rot and fungal attack.

If you prefer a plastic store, Suncast manufacture the Kensington 6 and Kensington 8 steel reinforced multi-purpose units that can also be used to store garden equipment and bikes. The stores, that can be padlocked, are large enough to hold two bins, with the roof and two front doors opening to offer easy access.

TriMetals' Sentinel LPG Store meets all the codes of practice used by British Standards and the LP Gas Association, so it can be used on a caravan site for storing propane and butane with fixing holes for securing a regulator and ventilation that prevents condensation.

There are three gas bottle stores from Asgard, the largest can accommodate four 47kg propane bottles very compactly, and all are designed in conjunction with Calor Gas with a utility company lock to allow entry to gas suppliers, and a top lid so that you can easily access the regulator.