Storemore Installation Guide

Our guide to the installation of Storemore garden buildings that include the Lotus, Lifetime, Saffron and Sapphire brands.

If you are thinking of having your garden building installed by our recommended nationwide 3rd-party installation team, or have already purchased your building with the addition of installation, we advise reading the below installation terms and base preparation guide.

This guide applies to the following garden building brands on GardenSite: Lotus, Lifetime, Saffron and Sapphire.

Installation Time

Please see the individual product page for advised delivery times.

In regards to installation, this is generally carried out within 15 working days after delivery of your order, and you will be contacted to confirm and book a delivery and installation date.

For some products and delivery locations, installation and delivery may be completed on the same day, however, this cannot be guaranteed. So generally we advise that delivery and installation will be on separate dates, which you will be notified in advance of by the delivery carrier and installation team.The published installation price can be found on individual product pages and is restricted to the designated area of mainland UK locations. Installation services within Scotland are inclusive up to and including Glasgow and Edinburgh but unfortunately are not above, as per the installation teams' serviceable areas.

Installation Terms

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the following:

  • The additional installation has been purchased for the installation of any optional accessories such as a timber floor kit or foundation kit.
  • A level, flat and hardstanding floor area be prepared in readiness (details below).
  • When preparing your floor area, please ensure you have checked the correct base dimensions.
  • If you are building a concrete floor, you may wish to consider allowing for drainage.
  • Ensure that area where the garden building will be located is free from obstructions e.g. overhanging branches, power lines, manhole covers etc.
  • Ensure that the area where the garden building will be located has ample access to all sides. We recommend a minimum of 2ft clearance.
  • Ensure that you have checked whether planning permission may be required and that all building regulations are adhered to.
  • If you are taking delivery of the garden building prior to installation, ensure that you have pre-checked your entire contents straight away and report any missing parts.
  • The installers may need access to an electrical socket in order to successfully install certain buildings, especially those of a larger size. We would advise having an accessible power point for which the installers can use if any of the installer's power tools are required to be used.

Upon purchasing our garden building installation service, you agree to the following:

  • Installations are generally carried either at the time of order delivery or within 15 working days after successful delivery.
  • Installation is within mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland only, with some exceptions to hard-to-reach postcodes.
  • If the installation is unable to be completed on the day of arrival due to the above terms not being adhered to, the full cost of the installation may still be warranted, with extra charges possibly occurring for a second installation attempt.
  • The disposal of any packaging is not the installer's responsibility, and you should be prepared to dispose of any packaging, including that of any wooden pallet(s) and crate(s).
  • Installers may be that of a third-party installation company, unrelated to ourselves. You agree for us to pass on your information to the third party in order for the installation to be arranged and carried out.
  • The customer will not be liable for any additional cost in the event that the installation cannot take place due to adverse weather conditions.
  • In the event that the customer is absent at the time of installation, they shall appoint a third party who has the authority to confirm the successful completion of the installation. They will give notice prior to installation and provide written authority either to either ourselves or directly to the installer.
  • In the event that the installer has to abandon installation due to lack of preparation or that the installer considers the conditions to be of such a hazardous nature that their health and safety might be compromised or that general health and safety rules are not being adhered to, the customer will be liable for the incurred costs.

Acceptance of an agreed installation date will imply acceptance of the above terms and conditions. On completion of the installation, the customer/agreed third party shall sign and date an ‘Installation Note’ provided by the installer.

Base Area Preparation

The customer must ensure that he/she has made adequate provision for a base prior to installation. The following options are available:

  • Concrete Base (allowing 7-10 days curing time)
  • Paving Slabs (minimum of two-inches thick)
  • Decking Area
  • Patio Area
  • Timber Floor Accessory (available on the selected building product page)
  • Foundation Kit (available on the selected building product page)
  • Other Suitable Hard Standing Surface

The suitability of the prepared base/ground will be entirely at the discretion of the installer upon arrival.

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