Garden trellis

Available in many shapes and sizes, garden trellis or lattice can be decorative as well as functional, its natural timber appearance and a variety of patterns creating an appealing enhancement for your garden at the same time as offering a framework for climbing plants.

When marking the boundary between two properties, the trellising probably but not necessarily needs to be more substantial than when used to partition your garden to create specific areas, and there are many different designs from which to choose.

An obvious factor in your choice is the size of the gaps in the crisscrossing woodwork small gaps clearly provide more privacy if used in the same way as a fence panel but the reason why you are using a panel is not to feel boxed in, and larger gaps will give the feeling of a more open space.

Whether you prefer a diamond or square pattern is subjective, diamonds are perhaps more decorative but no more or less practical and their attractive nature can be enhanced by a shaped top as in Forest's Europa Hamburg as opposed to the straight top of their Hidcote trellis.

Forest Convex 183cm x 46cm Trellis Fence Topper

Trellis can also be used to increase the height of a fence or can be fixed on top of a brick wall for the same reason or to break up and soften their monolithic nature.

These various types of trellis can be attached to the face of a wall so that climbing plants such as roses and honeysuckle can be tied-in and trained. There are many different sizes available including the large squares of a Traditional style or the much smaller diamond gaps of the Wisley trellis.

In addition to regular rectangular and square-framed trellises, both Forest and Rowlinson have various sized heavy-duty versions with robust batons, fan shapes and also an intriguing trellis made from willow stems arranged in a diamond pattern which is attractively framed with softwood.

Forest Hidcote 2 x 6 ft Fan Trellis

To create a wonderfully colourful display with height as well as depth, Forest, Zest and Rowlinson all manufacture timber containers with a delightful natural finish, including the Venice and Toulouse, these are backed with trellis so they can be used as planters for many different climbers.

Whichever style you choose, the trellis is tremendously versatile, as it is both practical when used instead of fencing and decorative. As part of your garden design, it will be particularly valuable if used to train scented plants and especially if you are able to relax close by to enjoy their fragrance.