Many households across the UK will now have received two wheelie bins. Normally, one for household rubbish and another for recycling paper, glass, cans and plastic. 

Wheelie bins are preferred to bin bags since they create less waste, encourage more recycling, lead to cleaner streets and save taxpayers' money.

There's no doubt that they are successful in making the streets look tidier, there's nothing worse than bin bags dumped by the side of the road, some splitting open to spill their contents on the pavement.

But they are not a particularly attractive enhancement for your garden. So why not invest in a wheelie bin store, where they can be safely stored out of sight.

Recycling Storage Unit

Bin And Garden Stores

Rowlinson offer single, double and triple wheelie bin stores. They all have a natural timber finish, with a stylish design that covers the bin but allows easy access. 

Usefully, the lid of the store can be attached to the bin lid so they open at the same time. The timber is pressure treated to protect against rot and can be painted or stained if desired. 

Dorset offer a comprehensive range to hide one, two or three wheelie bins and recycling boxes. Each one is attractively designed and built from heavy Swedish Redwood which has been pressure treated against rot and fungal attack.

The Garden Village have a wide variety of designs for bin stores with lots of combinations to cater for those with wheelie bins and recycling boxes.

Triple Wheelie Bin Store

If you prefer a plastic store, Suncast manufacture the Kensington 6 and Kensington 8, steel reinforced multi-purpose units that can also be used to store garden equipment and even bikes. 

For a more robust wheelie bin store, there are strong and sturdy metal stores from Sapphire & Lotus available in multiple sizes to hold up to 3 wheelie bins.

The stores, that can be padlocked, are large enough to hold two bins, with the roof and two front doors opening to offer easy access. 

So, be ready when the wheelie bins are rolled out all over Birmingham, or cover up the bins that are already in use in other parts of the country, by choosing your store from GardenSite now.