Made with German precision, your Juwel aquarium is styled with clean lines, and the top quality materials that are used will blend with advanced technology to create a perfect environment that marine creatures will appreciate and everyone will admire.

The entry level Primo aquarium is available in three capacities from 60 to 110 litres. Sleekly styled, this is an impressive fish tank clearly lit by the Novolux LED system, it comes complete with an AquaHeat water heater and a BioflowOne or Super filter fitted with an Eccoflow pump.

Family happily enjoying their Jewel Aquarium, filled with fish and plants

MultiLux LED Tubes

All other Juwel aquariums are supplied with bright MultiLux technology, which features unique day and nature LED tubes along the full length of the aquarium. The light units are ultrasound sealed and completely waterproof, they maximize illumination with the added advantage that LEDs are up to 50% cheaper to run than traditional lighting.

There are two versions of the cube shaped Lido aquarium, either 120 or 200 litres, while the five Rio models which boast capacities from 125 to 450 litres have an appearance that is more classically rectangular.

High Performance Features

Both designs have a choice of black, white, light or dark brown finish, with stands available in a complementary colour together with a host of other standard features that are shared with all the other models in the Juwel range.

This includes the Bioflow M, a very efficient filter powered by the quietly efficient Eccoflow circulation pump, and an adjustable AquaHeat heater with silver contacts and shockproof borosilicate glass to ensure the perfect aquarium temperature.

Similarly rectangular in style, three Juwel Vision aquariums with capacities from180 to 450 litres benefit from a curved front panel which offers a new perspective that is designed to accentuate the optical depth of the tank.

Finally, due to their triangular shape, the 190 and 350 litre Trigon aquariums fit neatly into a corner and, as with other Juwel aquariums, posters and 3D backgrounds can be added to create a thoroughly convincing aquascape.