Automatic Fish Feeders

Automatic Fish Feeders are essential if you go on holiday or are away from home for any length of time, they can be regulated to serve a specific amount of food at certain times of the day, ensuring that your fish are still alive and well on your return. Even when you are at home, automatic feeders will come in handy so that you never forget to feed your fish, and most will cope with different types of food such as flakes and pellets.

Basic is sometimes best, so the Nutramatic 2X is well worth considering as a value for money automatic fish feeder. It dispenses food from a drum that rotates twice a day and the it's very simple to adjust the amount that falls from into the water.

The Fish Mate F14 is battery operated as are all the other feeders on GardenSite. It will dispense food from fourteen individual trays up to four times every day. All you have to do is deposit the required amount of food into each tray, so it is easy to regulate how much is dispensed, when and over what period of time.

If you have a Juwel aquarium with a removable flap, you can fit the Juwel Automatic Aquarium Feeder tot he top and this will provide your fish with food twice a day over 30 days. Again the amount of food that enters the aquarium can be readily adjusted to suit the number of fish that you keep.

Digital Fish Feeders

More expensive feeders such as the Oase FishGuard Digital Feeder features a LCD, this model can be programmed to supply up to 12 feeds per day (3 portions x 4 times) and is ideal for larger aquariums. It can be clipped to the side of the tank and the drum is designed to keep the food free from moisture.

The Hydor Mixo Digital Fish Feeder holds 90g of food and can dispense it up to three times per day according to your digital settings. Sitting on top of the aquarium, it is designed with an airline to keep the feed dry and is usefully fitted with a low battery indicator

Finally, the Eheim Autofeeder is very simple to program digitally and will deliver a precise amount of food regularly over a maximum of six weeks. It too is located on top of the aquarium, the food is protected from humidity, and batteries warn you when they are getting low.

Alternative Feeders

As an alternative, Tetra offer 100% edible protein packed food sticks that can just be dropped into the water. Suitable for all types of fish, the sticks can be used over the weekend or up to a fortnight.

There are also 3 and 7 day Food Pyramids that are suitable for filtrated aquariums whether you keep tropical, coldwater or marine fish. They dissolve to allow food pellets to push out and one pyramid will feed twenty fish in a 40 litre tank for up to ten days.