Greenhouse Installation Terms

Installation terms and conditions for Halls, Eden and Juliana greenhouses.

Stocked, green finished aluminium greenhouse


empty, silver aluminium greenhouse with wheelbarrow in the doorway


Silver with black trim, open greenhouse

These terms and guides apply to the following greenhouse brands: Halls, Halls Cotswold and Juliana.

If you are thinking about having your greenhouse installed through one of our installation services, or have already purchased installation for your greenhouse through us, please take a moment to read through our installers terms as well as a handy pre-installation checklist and base guide.

Greenhouse installation consists of the installation of the purchased greenhouse frame, glazing and connected base frame only. All other items such as staging and shelving are classed as accessories and if the installation of these is required, may have a separate installation cost associated.

For installation of Halls, Eden or Juliana greenhouse brands, where a base frame isn't integral, you must have purchased the base frame accessory, otherwise, the installation will not be possible bu our installation team.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the following:

  • A base frame has been ordered along with the greenhouse if it doesn't already include one and isn't provided with an integral base frame.
  • Additional installation has been purchased for the installation of any optional accessories such as staging and shelving.
  • A level, flat and hardstanding floor area be prepared in readiness.
  • When preparing your floor area, please ensure you have checked the correct base dimensions.
  • If you are building a concrete floor, you may wish to consider allowing for drainage.
  • Ensure that area where the greenhouse will be located is free from obstructions e.g. overhanging branches, power lines, manhole covers etc.
  • Ensure that the area where the greenhouse will be located has ample access to all sides. We recommend a minimum of 2ft clearance.
  • Ensure that you have checked whether planning permission may be required and that all building regulations are adhered to.
  • If you are taking delivery of the greenhouse prior to installation, ensure that you have pre-checked your greenhouse contents straight away and report any missing/damaged parts. 
  • If the installer arrives and you have failed to report missing and/or damaged parts and as a result the installation cannot go ahead, you will be charged for the day and charged again for a new installation appointment.

Upon purchasing a greenhouse installation service, you agree to the following:

  • Installations are generally carried out within 2 - 4 weeks of the greenhouse being delivery.
  • Installation is within mainland England & Wales, with some exceptions to hard to reach postcodes.
  • If the installation is unable to be completed on the day of arrival due to the above terms not being adhered to, the full cost of the installation will still be warranted, with extra charges being applied for a second installation attempt.
  • The disposal of greenhouse packaging is not the installers responsibility, and you should be prepared to dispose of any packaging, including that of any wooden pallet(s) and crate(s).
  • Installers may be that of a third-party installation company, unrelated to ourselves. You agree for us to pass on your information to the third-party in order for the installation to be arranged and carried out.
A silver greenhouse base frame cover


A green greenhouse base frame corner

A silver and green base frame, required for Halls greenhouses to be installed.