Michael Timmis wanted a brand to rival the household Larch Lap name and started Forest Garden with a small range of more upmarket overlap fence panels that had additional battening. They were supported by 3ins square fence posts and, of course, post caps.

That was well over 25 years ago so there has been time to progress, and they certainly have. During the 1990s they were one of the first companies to develop the potential of decking, pergolas and ornamental trellis.

The original Forest Pergola

The original Forest Pergola was made up of nearly a dozen different sections that you could put together in a variety of ways to create as many different pergolas, designs and sizes as you could imagine. The flexibility was fantastic but that was also their downfall as it was difficult to sell the full potential of the product. It was also fairly heavy to manhandle, and stockists needed to hold a large quantity.

The 3.6m Ultima pergola kit from Forest as seen displayed in a garden.
The 3.6m Ultima pergola kit from Forest as seen displayed in a garden.

The Ultima Pergola by Forest

Welcome the Ultima Pergola. A leaner variant with a better finish, curved edges and lighter to handle. It is more modern and more in keeping with today’s gardens.

Initially available as a mix and match choice it soon became available also in kit form. Today, the most popular product is the Forest Ultima Pergola Kit in either the 2.7 metre size or the 3.6 metre size. Everything you need is provided in the kit and it is available nationwide.

No wastage for the stockist and no head scratching for the buyer also means the price is kept very competitive. It is a great example of the evolution of a product that is still significant in today’s testing market.

The original Forest Pergola is 20 plus years old and still going strong, so Forest Garden has added the Ultima Pergola Arch and a bigger version, the Large Ultima Pergola Arch, to their vast range so you can complement your pergola with a matching arch.