For most, buying a water feature is a considered purchase. And like with any investment, the priority should be ensuring the item is looked after appropriately to maintain its condition and hold its value over time. If you’re researching how to best take care of your water feature, purchasing a cover is a good place to start. So, what are the main benefits of using a water feature cover..?

Water feature covers offer protection against frost and ice

Winter is without a doubt the most crucial time of year for looking after your water feature. It is paramount to suitably prepare for the plummeting temperatures, especially snow, frost and ice. Once you have drained your feature of all water (we recommend using a towel to ensure all traces of water have been removed), simply place a cover tightly over the feature to stop water from getting in. Any water that is left in (or somehow makes its way in) will freeze, melt, expand and contract which, in the worst-case scenario, will cause the basin or bowls to crack, inevitably leading to leaks.

Water Feature with a Protective Cover at GardenSite HQ
Water Feature with a Protective Cover at GardenSite HQ

Water feature covers help to prevent debris accumulation

Water feature covers are often referred to as ‘protection covers’ because they act as a barrier to prevent items such as leaves, twigs, dust, pollen and insects from falling or blowing into the water. Keeping debris out will not only help to maintain the cleanliness and visual appeal of your water feature, but it will also save you the time and hassle of having to get your hands dirty and physically remove unwanted items yourself.

Water feature covers help to minimise slime and algae growth

Following on from the above point, if environmental pollutants are not swiftly taken out of the water, they can contaminate the water supply and trigger the rapid growth of algae. Using a water feature cover to keep debris out will help to reduce the nutrient supply that algae thrive on, thus minimising the risk of algae blooms that not only look unsightly but can also clog up the pumps, filters and plumbing which will inevitably affect the functionality of your water feature.

Water feature covers help to protect integral components and thus reduce maintenance tasks

Covers also act as a protective shield for the functioning components of a water feature, notably the pump, filter and any lighting fixtures. Unwelcomed debris is the usual culprit, particularly leaves and twigs that can easily clog up components and cause the water feature to temporarily fail. Using a protection cover helps to reduce the risk of damage which will in turn prolong your water feature’s life span. What’s more, the need for repairs or replacement parts will be much less frequent in comparison to an unmaintained water feature.

Water feature covers help to regulate temperature and control water levels

A good quality water feature cover will protect your feature from the elements whilst still allowing air to get in and circulate. Covers provide shade and limit exposure to direct sunlight which positively contributes towards keeping the water temperature consistent all year round and preventing evaporation. Reducing water evaporation will help to conserve water and minimise the need to frequently refill or top up the water feature. This is particularly important in locations where drought is common or during hosepipe bans.

Matt from GardenSite Holding a Water Feature Cover
Matt from GardenSite Holding a Water Feature Cover

To Conclude… Are Water Feature Covers Necessary?

It’s safe to say that water feature covers are, arguably, the most essential accessory for water feature owners. Having a cover will not only protect your feature against frost and harsh weather, but will also positively impact the functionality of your feature. Not only will a cover contribute towards maintaining the original aesthetic of your feature, but it will also make upkeep easier by minimising maintenance efforts over time.

In conclusion, using a water feature cover will save you from a lot of unnecessary headaches, allowing you more time to enjoy your water feature.

If you’re looking for a high-quality water feature cover, here at GardenSite we have a wide range to choose from, varying in size, shape and materials. Why not treat yourself to a luxury cover for that extra peace of mind? 

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