After recently having a trio of the Belvedere raised beds delivered to our show site, all the way from Austria, Robert reviews this brand new range of garden planters, and explores how they can make a stylish, complimenting addition to your outdoor space.

“It takes longer to unpack the boxes than it does to build these Belvedere planters”.

That was the overriding opinion of Matt, whose task it was to put together our new three display versions of Biohort's raised bed planters.

Gaby was taking the photo’s and shooting the video and I was… err, managing the project.

In truth I had wanted to see these new planters up close for a while because they looked just great on the page and they were made by Biohort, two pretty strong recommendations in my book.

Construction of the Belvedere metal raised planters.

And I really wasn’t disappointed. You can clearly see from the video reel Gaby made that the planters slide together effortlessly and are kept secure with a few internal screws. There is a moveable base that can be positioned in one of several slots so you can have more or less soil to plant in depending on your needs. Attractive robust corner caps lock in to finish the product and the construction is complete.

Close up views of inside the Biohort Belvedere planter showing the base floor, and the thickness of the exterior frame.

How good does the Biohort raised bed really look?

The finished product is very well designed with the minimum of fuss and maximum impact. The quality and finish on the paintwork is superb, as it needs to be as these Belvedere Raised beds are not only designed to be tough enough to stand the harshest weather but are stylish enough to be displayed indoors in a hotel lobby, under a large atrium, around a swimming pool, or as part of the interior decor of a modern home. And they look equally at home inside as they do outside.

Are Biohort products value for money?

They are not cheap, and won't suit everyone’s tastes and budget but they are not designed to be everything to everyone. They are made to be attractive, robust, utilitarian and stylish. And that comes at a price.

And to back up their quality, each one of the Biohort Belvedere raised bed planters come with a 20 year guarantee against rust, giving that added peace of mind that they're made to last for at least two decades!

Where to site the Belvedere raised beds?

My house was built around the 1940’s and the garden also reflects that era so they wouldn’t fit with the Dutch block little walls and Yorkstone crazy paving patio that I have but if your surroundings are more contemporary and you want to add plants and some life to any space without building permanent beds outside or dotting house plants around inside with decorative pots, this range might be exactly what you are looking for.

And they are not permanent features so can be easily taken down and moved if you want to change the emphasis in any particular space or even if you want to move house completely. They can come too.

A collage of lifestyle images showing the Belvedere planters in various garden settings.

Are the Belvedere raised beds good for wheelchair users?

Any raised bed is a real bonus to those that want to garden and need a wheelchair, particularly one that is robust and stable. As the sides are straight it does mean there isn’t any access to move the wheelchair partially under the raised bed but you could work more easily when positioned at 90 degrees to the bed. If you can provide room to easily allow for wheelchair access all around the planter this would make gardening a lot easier.

What options are available for the Biohort Belvedere range?

There are 3 colour options available in the Biohort Belvedere range, silver, quartz grey and dark grey. Very contemporary colours that would be equally at home in your local car dealership.

There are also, thankfully, a multitude of sizes and heights available including L shaped raised beds for corner use.

A collage of the three colour options available, including silver, quartz grey and dark grey.

Biohort also offers a selection of accessories including protective foot skits to fit at the base of the planted or attractive top rails which also include snail protection. You can also add height to your plant display with an additional back trellis that also looks stylish. And installation, if needed, is also an option.

The soil and plants you will have to supply yourself, but that’s the fun part! And if the plants grow too large and you need to trim them down, Biohort has the answer for your waste greenstuff with their also new, MonAmi composter. They really do think of everything, including the recycling.

Assembling the Belvedere planters

Shortly after taking delivery of our new Biohort planters, the team got to work at assembling them, ready to display within our show site. We made sure to take advantage of this opportunity and record the full installation process.

Below you can see our assembly videos showing just how quick and easy planters within this range are to install -

Assembling the Biohort Belvedere MAXI 150 raised bed planter
View the full specification for the Maxi 150, or order it online for your garden here.

Assembling the Biohort Belvedere MAXI 50 raised bed planter
View the full specification for the Maxi 50, or order it online for your garden here.

Overall rating of the Biohort Belvedere range

Wrapping up my review of the Biohort Belvedere raised beds, it's clear that these garden planters effortlessly marry functionality with aesthetic charm, embodying a delightful blend of modern elegance and robust performance.

Promising not just a haven for your cherished plants, but also a visual delight in your garden space, their impressive durability ensures an investment that will continue to add value and beauty to your outdoor haven for many seasons to come. With every inch designed thoughtfully, they're not just planters, but statements of style and love for nature, making it a stellar choice for garden enthusiasts looking to blend functionality with a dash of modern garden elegance. They easily qualify for a five star rating.