Pontec Pond Products Now in Stock at GardenSite

Pontec pond products are high quality, mostly German engineered and they perform very well at their jobs too. With solids handling pumps, fountain pumps and vacuums all part of their range.

Created by Andy Hobson (Alumni) on Thursday, 7th of August, 2014.
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Pontec Pond Products

We're pleased to announce that we are now stocking the full range of Pontec pond products including some which we previously had and new lines to ourselves.

As you may, or may not be aware, Pontec is a brand which is owned by one of the best brands in the aquatics industry, Oase. They are renowned for their high quality products so it's great that they offer a budget brand with the same reliability.

Solids Handling Pumps

Pontec's range of solids handling pumps are called PondoMax Pond Pumps which are able to handle up to 4mm, this means that they won't clog up like smaller fountain pumps. This makes them ideal if you're looking to feed your waterfall or send waste straight into a filter unit.

They're also very easy to maintain, the strainer cage opens easily and the rotor can be removed when carrying out your routine maintenance.

The power consumption on these pumps and all of the Pontec range is extremely low, this makes them very economical to run.

Fountain Pumps

The PondoVario is Pontec's name for their fountain pumps which will give you a decorative spray, this also adds oxygen into your pond which is great for aquatic life and also helps to keep the pond clean and clear.

There are 4 fountain attachments included with each pump which are called: Vulkan, Jets, Bell and Calyx. All pumps which are designed to go outdoors come with a 10 metre (33 feet) length of electrical cable and no plug. This is for safety reasons.

Water Feature Pumps

Water feature pumps will send water through a pipe to the top of a feature fountain or decorative feature. They are compact hence the name PondoCompact, this makes them ideal for fitting into the small gaps inside water features.

All of these PondoCompact pumps come with a 2 year guarantee from your purchase date so if you have any problems that are covered under the guarantee you can simply return it for a repair or to be replaced, whichever is the best option.

Pond Vacuum

We've been stocking the Pontec Pondomatic for quite some time now and it's been a real success. People have commented on how well it's worked to keep their pond clean and that's given us confidence to keep it as part of our product range.

It has a 30 litre collection tank with a 1400 powerful motor which will remove silt and debris from the bottom of your pond. Complete with 4 metres of suction hose and three nozzles for different types of jobs including blanket weed removal, small crevices and the bottom of the pond where you'll find gravel at times.

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