Specifically designed to help you achieve the perfect work/life balance, the Xtend range of garden cabins combines eye-catching good looks with energy efficiency, they are simple to construct and very affordable without any compromise on quality.

All this is to be expected as Forest Garden are the UK's largest manufacturer of timber garden products, and the new Xtend range is aimed at anyone who is looking for a high quality hideaway where they can separate work from home life.

Practical and versatile

Homes are not designed for work and building an extension is costly, so Xtend cabins allow you to make the most of your outdoor space, There are six models to choose from, and their versatility and practical design mean that they can be used for hobbies, as a studio or home gym, an entertaining space, as well as an office.

This flexibility was very adequately shown on 'Love Your Garden' where the cabin was used to create a peaceful retreat for the owner to not only recuperate from illness but write a book, a perfect haven providing the quiet space needed to support her wellbeing and where she could regain her work focus.

She is quoted as saying, 'The garden room is my special space. It’s part of the garden so I can open the doors and feel the sun on my face and listen to the birds or, I can choose to shut myself away in my warm and cosy cocoon. It’s a practical and stylish space and one that inspires me to do well.'

Easy to assemble

Following a step-by-step guide, construction is based on ready to be assembled precision cut SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), a innovative building method used extensively in modern housing, and when finished the cabins will offer a bright welcoming environment for any chosen activity away from any interruptions but still near to your home and family.

Warm in the winter yet cool during the summer months, the insulated walls, overhanging pent roof and floor, together with full length uPVC double glazed windows that can be opened during hot weather, result in low running costs with an EPC energy rating of B.

The single or double doors are also double glazed, offer easy access and have a 7 point multi-lock to ensure security. Only quality materials are used throughout including 1.2mm EPDM rubber that protects the roof, this won't crack, blister or rot, a far better alternative to traditional but short lived roofing felt.

Suitable for any garden

The cabin's external appearance is equally appealing with weather resistant tongue & groove cladding made from kiln dried timber. This is primed and ready to paint if you so wish but does not necessarily need further treatment to retain its lovely natural appearance.

Built in the UK with a 15 year structural guarantee, the pleasing lines of an Xtend cabin will blrnd successfully with both traditional or contemporary gardens because the design is so good, and you can be assured that only the best building materials have been employed to create this fabulous range.

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