Reviewing annual sales figures, predicting next season’s best-sellers, and discussing upcoming promotions are the usual culprits on the roster for GardenSite’s annual face-to-face meeting with one of our timber sheds and structures suppliers; Forest Garden and their CEO Guy Grainger. However, 2022’s meet-up was slightly more memorable than those of the past as, this year, we saved some precious space to celebrate a special landmark in Forest Garden history: them becoming a carbon netural business!

As one of the largest suppliers to the gardening timber industry, Forest Garden has deservingly enjoyed success not only here in the UK but also all over Europe for many decades. However, over said decades, the measure of their success has evolved - it is now not only limited to their impressive sales and profitability, but also their commitment to reducing their environmental impact by offsetting their carbon footprint.

How does Forest Garden ‘Keep it Green’?


As you may have guessed, timber is at the core of everything that Forest Garden does - from ensuring that the timber is fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (meaning that it is officially recognised as coming from sustainable, responsibly-managed forests) to reducing the amount of waste from its processing, Forest Garden have employed tactful efforts to ensure that they continue to minimise their impact on the environment.


The vast majority of Forest’s own company car fleet are now either fully electric or hybrid vehicles. Next in line for the conversion are their forklifts which should be completed by 2024. 


Endorsed by Sir David Attenborough, Forest Garden is part of the initiative run by the World Land Trust to ensure that the paper they use on a daily basis is balanced with donations to the Trust, which use the money to build nature and wildlife reserves all over the world. 

We have always taken pride in retailing Forest Garden’s products, and now even more so given their commitment to making a difference to both the environment and the communities that will continue to rely on it for many generations to come. We are certain that GardenSite’s partnership with Forest Garden will continue to flourish and we would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate them for their huge achievement of becoming carbon neutral!

Forest Garden's Banner for Going Carbon Neutral
Forest Garden's Banner for Going Carbon Neutral