It can sometimes be a time-consuming challenge hunting down the perfect Christmas present. Whether you're looking for a gift for mom, dad, a grandparent, sibling or friend, there's no doubt that you'll want to find the ultimate gift to match their likes and personality. The big question remains... "What to buy?" - so we've collated our top 10 list of inspiring Christmas present ideas for the 2023 holiday season, in the hopes that it will offer some creative and unique gift concepts to make your Christmas shopping a breeze!

Our present ideas aren't just for gardeners, but for anyone in the family who enjoys nature and the outdoors. Whether they like to watch the birds and wildlife in the garden or would enjoy a water feature or garden ornament to create a focal point that can be admired all year round.

Starting with number 10, here's our Christmas present ideas for 2023.

A golf club organiser suitable for a golfer's Christmas gift.

No.10 - Practical golf club organiser

For the golfer that already has every golf club, driver, and putter in their set, as well as a plentiful amount of golf balls. One thing that they may not already have is a practical and tidy place to store it all (rather than their golf bag just leaning up the wall in the garage or shed!). Introducing the golf club organiser storage caddy!


A selection of wooden playhouses suitable for children's Christmas gifts.

No.9 - Endless imagination playhouses

Our ninth Christmas present idea is for the kids. Promoting spending more time outdoors, less time in front of a screen, and added physical activity, a playhouse can make a really fun and special gift for children of all ages. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, there's sure to be one to match your garden and child's imagination for many, many hours of playtime ahead.


A selection of fish aquariums suitable for a Christmas gift.

No.8 - Mesmerising aquarium kits

An fish aquarium can provide endless interest, whether the intended recipient is an adult, teen or child. Many of us talk about wanting to get a fish tank, but are put off by not knowing what is needed to get one setup. However, our range of aquariums overcome this by providing them as kits, with everything that you need equipment-wise, so all you need to do is add water, and the fish! This makes them popular for gift giving at Christmas time, due to their low-maintenance and engrossing display.


A selection of wooden garden planter sets suitable for a Christmas gift.

No.7 - Growing with a garden planter

A garden planter, or even a set takes our 7th place in our Christmas gift guide, being a perfect match for anyone who loves their garden or being outside. The opportunities that a planter offers the giftee is almost endless, whether they choose to fill it with their favourite flowers, herbs, or plant their own 'grow your own' style produce, it'll no doubt take pride of place in their outdoor space, and be admired for years to come. Planter sets start off at around £60 for a set of two, so offer great value when buying as a gift set.


A selection of wooden garden benches suitable for a Christmas gift.

No.6 - A place to unwind on a bench

Continuing on with our garden and outdoor theme, a garden bench has to be included in our top gift ideas for Christmas. Who doesn't enjoy sitting out in their garden, taking in all that nature has to offer, or sitting facing a pond, water feature, bird table or garden ornament. Garden benches start off from around £80, so if purchased as a joint gift for family members, works out to be quite affordable considering it'll offer the recipients a great place to sit and unwind for many years to come.


A selection of wooden garden arbours suitable for a Christmas gift.

No.5 - A garden retreat arbour

We can't suggest a bench without including an arbour too! Offering a more tranquil and private place to sit, unwind and enjoy the garden, an arbour gives all the benefits of a bench, but with the added benefit of extra privacy from the encasing sides. Maybe slightly over the top for a Christmas present, but the recipient is no doubt going to be so appreciative of their new garden retreat area, and get to enjoy it for many years to come.


A selection of garden water features suitable for a Christmas gift.

No.4 - A tranquil water feature

Our 4th spot in this year's Christmas present guide is taken by the tranquil sound of running water, by gifting a water feature. Available in a wide variety of styles, designs and themes, water features make for great Christmas gifts for parents and grandparents. Offering a focal point in the garden with the calming, visual and audible advantages of a pleasant stream of water, cascading through the feature. For the majority, they're all self-contained, which means they're super easy to install without the need for any plumbing - just plug 'n' play!


A selection of wooden bird table suitable for a Christmas gift.

No.3 - A bird table for feathered friends

Giving a bird table as a Christmas gift carries on giving pretty much every day thereafter. Once the birds in the area have become accustomed to the new food source, there will be no doubt an endless flutter of birds visiting to take a quick peck at the bird seed. Christmas time is also a great time to set up a bird table, as the autumn and winter months are the harshest for birds and wildlife to naturally hunt for food themselves. Ranging from around £70 to £150, they can make an affordable joint-gift to parents or grandparents, that can be enjoyed day after day.


A selection of bird baths suitable for a Christmas gift.

No.2 - An ornamental bird bath

Continuing on with the wildlife and bird theme, a bird bath also makes a great Christmas gift for any family member or friend who enjoys their garden, or nature. Providing a more elegant offering, a bird bath, especially those crafted from stone look like they're meant to be a garden ornament, with wonderful detailing - however, also serve a dual purpose, providing fresh water for birds and insects to drink from. They can be placed just about anywhere in the garden, making a gift that will keep on giving to the giftee in the way of being able to watch countless birds enjoying the new garden addition.


A selection of garden ornaments suitable for Christmas gifts.

No.1 - A garden ornament as unique as they are

Taking the top spot in our Christmas present guide is a garden ornament, with plenty of solid reasoning as to why it takes our no.1 gift idea.
Simply put, a garden ornament can be hand-picked to perfectly represent the recipient, their likes, hobbies and interests. With well over 600 ornaments to choose from on GardenSite, you're bound to find one as unique as the person you're buying it for. From pet-lookalikes to lifelike animals and wildlife, to more oriental designs. Or for those with a higher imagination - fantasy, fairy and pixie ornaments are always well received. The great thing about an ornament is that they make amazing focal points in the garden, but can also be sited and enjoyed indoors, depending on where the giftee decides to display it.
Additionally, they're available for any budget, starting from only £20!


That concludes our top 10 list of Christmas present ideas for 2023. We hope that our gift ideas offer plenty of inspiration for what to buy your family members and friends this holiday season. Although, if you're looking for more thoughtful and unique gifts on top of our top 10 suggestions, then we have just the thing - our Christmas gift idea catalogue with over 100 hand-picked items that are perfect for gifting!

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