The tank itself is made from high quality acrylic which is 5mm thick, so it is very strong but does not distort your view, with beautifully curved front edges for extra style. The total volume is 30 litres which is approximately 6.6 imperial gallons.

The Size

The full width of the tank is 35cm with a total front-to-back measurement of 32.5cm but the measurement of the tank area is 25cm. This is due to the back chamber which contains your equipment including a skimmer that removes toxins from the water and also helps to aerate the water.

With the aquarium, you also get a H2Air 60 Air Pump which powers the skimmer and a microheater that keeps your water at the correct temperature for marine life. The tank itself is 32cm in height and, with the light unit included, this is 48.5cm tall.

High Quality Lighting

The light is an AquaRay 500HD Tile with 4 x lensed 10,000k white Cree XP-E and 1 x un-lensed blue Cree XP-E PowerLEDs. The White LEDs can be switched off to give a blue moonlight mode and this is attached to your tank with a MountaRay tank bracket, but you could also use the AquaRay tile bracket, which is a small acrylic stand, to bring the unit even closer to the water surface for enhanced light.

Where Can You Use It and What For?

This aquarium is ideal for use in a small space, such as an office, kitchen, or your bedroom, and is great for nano reefs, small shrimp and fish, and we’d advise using 3.3-3.5kg of live rock.

You can of course use this aquarium for tropical or cold water, it's definitely a great setup to buy for someone who is just getting into marine or someone who is experienced but wants an extra tank.