The weight of history on the Barlow Tyrie name hangs as heavy as the solidly built, teak wooden benches upon which they built that very name. They form one of the pillars of Barlow Tyrie's long success story. In this extensive review, I delve into the renowned range of standalone, outdoor garden benches available from Barlow Tyrie, picking out the best and most popular from the extensive choice.

When it comes to the crafting of products such as garden furniture, some say 'they don’t make them like they used to' - but in Barlow Tyrie's case... they certainly still do!

I will be researching into each bench range available from Barlow Tyrie, appraising the features, design and build quality in order to investigate what makes this brand so popular. Sold across the globe, many Barlow Tyrie purchasers simply use their new bench as a place to sit, relax and unwind in their own garden - as is its purpose. Whilst commercial venues and businesses, who only want the best quality when it comes to providing a place to sit for their clients, already know that they can trust Barlow Tyrie to offer only the best in class.

However, if you're new to the brand, or don't know which outdoor bench manufacturer can offer you the best quality, read on to get a glimpse into why Barlow Tyrie could just be the perfect match for you.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Lavenham bench.

The Lavenham bench

Introduced just a few years ago, the Lavenham is Barlow Tyrie’s first, and so far only, new bench of the 21st century. It stands alone in that and in two other unexpected ways.

Firstly, and most surprisingly for a company whose name and reputation is built solidly in teak, this bench is not made in that wood at all, but in eucalyptus. The reddish brown hue of eucalyptus is pleasing on the eye as is the silk like finish to the touch. It is also high in natural oils that help repel moisture and also insects.

Eucalyptus is also a fast growing wood making it very sustainable, very important in today’s climate.

And then there’s the price. It is cheaper than teak making the entry level Barlow Tyrie bench accessible to more people than a teak equivalent.

What doesn’t need further explanation is the classic lines of this bench. Manufacturing isn’t compromised so you get Barlow Tyrie quality at a realistic price. Solid, uncompromising and strong. Exactly what a bench should be.

Only available in the classic 3 seater format being 5ft 3ins wide with flat armrests and a gently curving seat.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Lavenham bench.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Felsted bench.

The Felsted bench

The entry level teak bench in the Barlow Tyrie range superseding the lighter weight Braintree that was discontinued many years ago.

The Felsted is all you need for a garden bench and more. It has harmonious proportions that echo through the ages but style enough for any century. With its slatted back and sturdy arms the Felsted looks at home everywhere and anywhere. The perfect combination of form and function, to my old eyes.

Unassuming it may be, but that belies its strength and durability as it is all teak. Take a little care of the Felsted and it will quickly become a part of the family. It is not on steroids and won’t cost you the earth.

There is also the single seat Felsted armchair available if you want to mix and match a little on the patio.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Felsted bench.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Waveney bench.

The Waveney bench

This is a compact decorative bench that offers great value for money with plenty of style and panache.

You are immediately drawn to the shallow arched back rail that gives strength and character in equal measure. Your eyes are then drawn down to the front arm supports that are turned and shaped with ecclesiastical overtones. The open style flat back slatting adds to its character whilst the curve of the gently bowed seat is echoed in the shape of the arms.

A generous 2 seater bench that doesn’t have any imitators in the Barlow Tyrie range which stands it apart from the norm.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Waveney bench.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Monaco range.

The Monaco bench

This is the only bench in my review that is not a standalone bench as it happily sits as part of the very extensive Monaco all teak range. But I could not leave it out as it has unique characteristics all of its own.

It is strikingly contemporary with its modern frame and arms that are complemented with narrow veined slats in the low slung deep back and the elegant seat. You can just imagine it sitting in space created by state of the art 21st century architecture. Maybe in a leisure setting or near to the shiny outdoor kitchen?

The Monaco range has always been great value for money, and that is certainly true of the 150cm and wider 200cm options. Great style doesn’t always have to mean a hefty price tag.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Monaco range.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie London 150cm bench, or the lengthier 180cm bench.

The London bench

Now this bench has been in the catalogue for as long as I can remember, and with good reason. Hand finished in grade A teak the London has become the standard bearer in the Barlow Tyrie range of benches because it is so user friendly.

What I personally love about the London bench is the flat wide arms that give it such a distinctive shape but also make it forever practicable if you need to put your cup of tea, or glass of wine, down without getting up. It also features four strong corners as well as a substantial back rail that guarantees that there will be no movement in this bench when you ease yourself down or spring up.

So popular is the London that there are two sizes available, the 150cm and 180cm, or 3 seater or 4 seater. You can also buy a London armchair or two, to match.

The London bench is compact enough to sit in a domestic garden but also robust enough to feature in an open public space, such as a park or graveyard making it an ideal memorial bench with an inscription or a plaque. See below for further details on adding your own personal engraving onto any models in the London range.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie London 150cm bench, or the lengthier 180cm bench.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Glenham 150cm bench, the mid-size 180cm bench, or the spacious 240cm bench.

The Glenham bench

At first impression, the Glenham and the London appear as twins, two peas in a pod. They look the same, and they will cost you the same. But look a little closer and you will understand why they are different and why they are both unique.

The architecture of the Glenham range is rooted in the traditional style, much as the Felsted is with sculptured arm rests giving it the classic lines. The Glenham is heavier though, more robust, which is underlined with the supporting detail between the base of the seat and the front legs. Its style transcends time and fashion. Again, it is a great bench to carry an inscription or plaque.

Or maybe I should say benches because the Glenham is also available as a semi circular bench. Buy two and you have a tree seat that echoes back to the days of apple orchards and English flower meadows. How I would love a mature garden setting to place a Glenham tree seat in. Choose between the circular or the hexagonal option if you are lucky enough to have the setting.

The Glenham curved seat, gently curving forwards, is another elegant option that compliments a circle or radius landscape feature in the garden.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Glenham 150cm bench, the mid-size 180cm bench, or the spacious 240cm bench.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Sissinghurst Lutyens bench.

The Sissinghurst Lutyens bench

Now this is something else, and always has been. The star on the stage or the peacock in the park, the Sissinghurst is always going to stand out so you might need to sit down, because it’s not cheap. Nor should it be as it may just be the best bench you will ever buy.

Hand crafted, this is Barlow Tyrie’s beautiful interpretation of the classic Edwardian bench by Sir Edwin Lutyens. From the scrolled arms to the flowing back rail everything is on show and making a glorious statement.

The timeless design means it looks equally at home in an ultra modern setting as much as it does with a period style backdrop. It does need some space around the bench to show it in all its glory allowing it room to dominate its landscape. The horizontal and vertical back section gives solidity to the billowing curves above and anchors the design as the timeless classic that it is.

There is plenty of space on this 6 ft 5 inch wide bench for a crowd but two’s always company.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Sissinghurst Lutyens bench.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Rothesay 180cm bench, or the longer 240cm bench.

The Rothesay bench

Now this is the grande dame of all teak benches, make no mistake. So grand is the Rothesay that Barlow Tyrie calls it the Rothesay seat, and not the Rothesay bench in much the same manner as when your country estate becomes so large it is referred to as the family seat. Or so I’m told.

You don’t have to own a manor house to have a Rothesay, but It would certainly look at home there.

Colossal supports, heavy bracing with sculpted arms and detailing on the back finials make the Rothesay 180cm seat an imposing example of garden architecture that will probably long outlive you or me. The larger 240cm Rothesay also boasts central legs that aren’t designed to hold the weight of those sitting but are needed just to support such a monolithic structure.

There is also a very robust single Rothesay estate chair available to match the two larger benches.

So who might buy such a glorious piece of furniture as the Rothesay? In truth it is town councils, companies, churches, parks and reserves as well as individuals who want a commemorative or memorial bench. Most Rothesay will have an inscription of some kind added to their back rail support as there are times and people in place and history that need marking with the very best.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie Rothesay 180cm bench, or the longer 240cm bench.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie King Charles III Coronation bench.

King Charles III Coronation bench

Following on from the Rothesay range, for the May 2023 Coronation of King Charles III, Barlow Tyrie has issued a special edition Rothesay 180cm bench that has been carved in honour of that very special occasion. As you would imagine it is beautifully finished, very elegant and steadfast: the perfect combination to match such a recognised state ceremony.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie King Charles III Coronation bench.

Inscription and plaque services available on benches.

Why not personalise your bench with an inscription or plaque?

An inscription is perhaps the most popular way of personalising your bench. The letters are carved, normally into the back rail, of your bench or seat. They are carved with a V cut so that the wording can be read as you approach from the left or the right as one side always captures any available light. It can also be read just as easily from the front. Letters can be in capitals or lower case or mixed.

Benches with custom inscriptions
Inscriptions are charged per letter or character so O’Brien would 7 characters, for example whilst Mr Smith would also be 7 characters but Mr. Smith (with a full stop) would be 8 characters. The prices are bracketed 'up to 20 characters' or 'up to 30 characters' etc etc.

We would ask you to submit your inscription, exactly as you wish it to appear in writing to us and this would be confirmed back in writing so we have a double check process in place to make sure you and the factory are exactly on the same page.

Commemorative inscriptions are very popular and these can be for any occasion, of course. Memorial inscriptions can be a fitting and lasting tribute, particularly if you can place the bench in a personal location.

Inspirational inscriptions, which may be a line of poetry or music or an oft heard saying, are gaining in popularity where our customers want to personalise a bench for their own pleasure. Whatever the reason, it is not an expensive option that will make your bench unique and is an available option for most Barlow Tyrie armchairs, seats and benches.

Each Barlow Tyrie bench has the option to add an inscription on its relevant product page.

Benches with custom plaques
Plaques are also available as a personalised option using 6mm block lettering. These plaques are sunk into the teak so they lay flush with the surface of the rail. They also have a hidden fixing making them tamper proof to ensure they stay where they are supposed to be. The lettering is filled with vitreous cream enamel making them impervious to our harsh and ever changing climate.

Bronze plaques look very smart and are not intrusive but stand out to mark any bench, chair or seat as individual. Each Barlow Tyrie bench has the option to add a bronze plaque on its relevant product page. If you want to add a bronze plaque to an existing bench yourself you can below.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie bronze bench plaque here.

Use security fasteners to keep your bench where you want it to stay

If it’s not tied down they will pinch anything’ - well, we all know that that’s true, unfortunately but Barlow Tyrie offers two fixing methods, to keep your bench in place.

Buy a set of 4 brass security fasteners to fix your bench securely and elegantly to any hard surface. A little bit of DIY is involved but the peace of mind is worth the effort.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie brass security fasteners for benches here.

Alternatively Barlow Tyrie also offer their seat fixing irons made of 316 grade marine stainless steel as a heavy duty option. They slip over the bottom rail that runs between the back and front legs and will need to be set into a concrete pad in the ground. This makes them ideal for securing your bench in areas accessible to the general public.

Shop the Barlow Tyrie bench and seat security fastener set here.

Delivering Barlow Tyrie benches worldwide

Based in the heart of England, we deliver the Barlow Tyrie range of benches throughout UK, including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - although, we're not limited to just the UK! We can ship Barlow Tyrie products pretty much anywhere in the world from Europe to the USA and beyond.

Many benches within the collection when delivered within the UK come pre-assembled, built up ready to put into place straight away, so there's no assembling involved by you. However, when delivering outside of mainland UK, to save on the shipping costs of sending a fully-assembled bench, we can arrange to have them delivered dismantled, professionally packaged and then dispatched that way. This ensures that your new bench is kept perfectly safe and secure, whilst keeping the delivery costs as minimal as possible.

Don't let the need for assembly put you off though, Barlow Tyrie benches sent in their flat-packed form are still exquisitely crafted and delivered in pre-assembled sections, so installing them on location is still quick and easy, mainly being the case of fixing the seat section, back section, sides and legs together.

If you require a bespoke quotation for delivery outside of mainland UK, simply get in touch with us here and we'll get back to you with a no obligation quote, catered to your requirements.