Barlow Tyrie Garden Benches

Perfect for sitting, relaxing, reading and admiring, a Barlow Tyrie bench offers the perfect place to retreat to while enjoying your garden. Perfect to place on a patio, down the end of the garden or facing a feature point such as a garden statue or pond, our extensive range of benches are designed as traditional and stylish to unique and modern, with one bound to be perfectly suited to your outdoor area. Additionally, Barlow Tyrie benches can be inscribed with an inscription, most commonly used as a memorial or remembrance of a passed loved one, or simply with a happy message or favourite quote, offering a smile to anyone who reads it. For our full, in-depth review of the benches offered by Barlow Tyrie, the differences between them, and what makes them so well known worldwide, see our review of Barlow Tyrie teak benches by Robert Hall.

Order your Barlow Tyrie bench direct online, or give us a call on 0121 355 7701 to order over the phone. We deliver throughout the UK and worldwide, so get in touch and see how we can deliver for you.

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