We were delighted to welcome sales representative, Lee Jenkinson from Vegepod to our garden centre and display site in Sutton Coldfield. Following our recent partnership with the company, in which we became their latest national distributor for customers all over the UK, our team was keen to learn more about these unique products and what makes them stand out. 

Vegepod is easy to set up

Lee performed a live demonstration of how to set up a medium Vegepod and a large Vegepod grow your own planter. The first thing we noticed was that they are modular, meaning they are super quick and easy to set up. Furthermore, the stands and poles that make up the framework are made from galvanised steel and fitted together with marine-grade quality bolts to ensure durability and longevity. An additional benefit to having the stands is that it raises the Vegepod to waist height which allows for easy access, particularly for less abled and wheelchair gardeners, and will also help plants to withstand frost (as frost forms from the ground up).

Setting up the large Vegepod planter at our show site.
Setting up the large Vegepod planter at our show site.

Unique self-watering design

Another standout feature is the self-watering design which uses a wicking system to ensure plants are always hydrated. This innovative technology means you can go up to 3 weeks without having to manually water your plants! There is also an overflow to ensure that waterlogging does not occur.

The setup was finished off with the protective cover - a commercial-grade mesh that will keep pests and wildlife at bay. An important point that Lee reiterated was to keep the cover closed at all times. This is to allow the air to flow through creating a microclimate which will help the plants to thrive and give them a much longer growing season than a standard planter of around 9-10 months per year. 

Adding the cover to the large Vegepod planter.
Adding the cover to the large Vegepod planter.

What exactly is a vegepod?

The last questions we wanted to clear up were:

‘What exactly is a Vegepod?

How would we best explain this clever design to GardenSite customers?

Lee advised that it is a highly versatile product which is best described as a

‘Comprehensive growing system’.

We understand this to mean it can be used as a small greenhouse or a raised planter bed. The possibilities with this brand really are endless!

Robert Hartill, a member of GardenSite’s Online team, shared his thoughts:

‘Vegepod really have thought of everything, from designing a product that allows you to grow your own fruit and vegetables from the comfort and convenience of your own back garden all whilst requiring minimal effort from the consumer thanks to its self-sufficient systems - this product is perfect for both beginners and the most experienced gardeners’

Vegepod is now available to buy on GardenSite!

We are looking forward to selling the Vegepod planter range online and would like to thank Lee again for his in-depth and comprehensive explanations of the products which have given GardenSite the knowledge to sell with confidence!