Prevent Stormy Weather Damaging Your Greenhouse

Created by Robert Hall on Thursday, 18th of April, 2013. Updated on Monday, 23rd of December, 2013.

Stormy weather and your greenhouse

Our guide to describing the best methods to prevent wind and bad weather damaging your greenhouse.

With wind and rain seemingly increasing in ferocity, and regularly causing damage to buildings and gardens, it pays dividends to do your best to safeguard vulnerable property particularly greenhouses, although this advice could easily also apply to any large structure such as a shed or summer house.

Choose wisely

To begin with, choose wisely and buy a good quality product, the price will reflect the standard and strength of the materials used, and the build quality, of the greenhouse.

The problem is that even the best greenhouse will be suspect to damage when buffeted by the very strongest winds. 

Shelter in the storm

So to minimise the threat, locate the greenhouse in a sheltered position. Clearly you might have to compromise, as the most sheltered position may not be the sunniest, but try and get it out of the wind as much as possible. Also ensure that it is not positioned in what might look like a sheltered position but is in fact a wind tunnel.

Additionally, think about constructing some kind of wind break, a fence or preferably an evergreen hedge. Siting the greenhouse at right angles to the prevailing wind is another tip, so gusts of wind go over rather than through it.

The sound of breaking glass

Glazing is the most vulnerable part of a greenhouse. The glass should fit neatly into the frame, if it doesn't the whole structure has probably been erected incorrectly and is not level. So if you are putting together the greenhouse yourself, make sure everything is square and the angles correct.

Check whether the clips holding in the glass are all still there, if not replace them. Adding a one or two more to each pane will provide extra strength. The joint between glass and pane should be sealed, if it isn't or the seal has perished, apply new silicon sealant. To buy Greenhouse Accessories and Spares Click Here.

Any cracked glass should be renewed and always replace missing panes.

A secure base

The greenhouse frame must be fixed securely to the base. If the base uses clips to attach the frame it's best to reinforce this system with bolts as you can never be too careful. The base in turn must be secured to the ground. 

Even though weather forecasts are reliably unreliable, they are worth listening to particularly when bad weather is looking likely. If it's bad news, close all the doors and windows and ensure that they will stay closed. Disable any automatic vents, these may open if the weather is still warm.


Only after the storm has passed, check over the greenhouse, repairing and replacing any missing or damaged fixtures and fittings, together with cracked or missing panes. For glass, it's probably best to go to a local glazier, Garden Centres will not generally stock it but may be able to supply acrylic replacements. This expense should be covered by your house insurance. 

If you require a Greenhouse Insurance Quotation, call our Garden Centre on 0121 355 7701 and we will be happy to help.

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