There are 3 models of the Hozelock Bioforce Revolution - the 6000, 9000 and 14000, which is a reference to the volume of water that they can handle in ponds with fish (many manufacturers quote volume without fish). The reasoning behind this is because in the UK, you rarely find a pond without fish and Hozelock have decided to make it easier for customers to choose a pond filter.

New Pond Filter Design

The most exciting and unique feature of the Bioforce Revolution is the winding handle, which you will have noticed from the illustration. This is designed to help you clean the filter without having to get your hands wet or dirty. There is a switch located on top, which takes the water from your pond to an outlet from which you can feed your flower beds. When you wind the handle, the waste and sludge will be disturbed and removed from the filter. Once the water begins to run clear again you can then direct the water using the same switch back into your pond. Simple yet very effective.

Another plus point is that if you don’t have fish in your pond, then the number stated can actually be doubled, so for example a 6000 can really handle 12,000 litres if you have no fish in the pond, the 9000 will filter 18,000 litres and the 14000 will handle 28,000 litres. 

Biological and Mechanical Filtration

The filtration inside has also changed and has mechanical and biological elements. Kaldnes K3 filter media is used for the biological filtration, these are superb for housing bacteria due to their design the surface area has been maximised housing millions and millions of colonies. These colonies break down fish waste and consume them leading to healthy water.

Foam cubes are used for the mechanical filtration side, rather than a sheet or block of foam and this is because there is more surface area used and Hozelock have concluded from vigorous testing that the cubes offer better filtration than the current foams used in many filters.

UV Clarification to Prevent Green Water

 Plug-in Ultra violet (UV) lamps in long version with 4 pins (PLL) are used to stop green water, they are much more effective and give a better UV output than plug-in lamps in short version with 2 pins (PLS) or T8 (25mm) UV Lamps. The 6000 uses an 18 watt lamp, 9000 uses a 24 watt lamp and the 14000 uses a 36 watt lamp.

Pond Filter Kits

Available as a kit, which includes a filter pump which is the perfect match for the filter size, this is much better value for the customer than purchasing a pump and filter separately to each other. The beauty of a kit is that you are pretty much ready to set up, all you're going to need is piping and clips. Then you're ready to go.

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