Centre stage is Noah's Arbour, with an appearance reminiscent of the vessel that the animals went into two by two, its groundbreaking design boasting a combined roof and floor. There's comfortably enough sheltered space for six people, and a picnic table with two benches are included.

Another notable introduction is the Christina Set, which features a pair of benches and chairs together with coffee and side table. With deep weatherproof cushions, this terrific furniture is designed for relaxation, perfect if you enjoy entertaining outdoors.

The list of new products created by Zest's in-house designers also includes the Poppy Round Picnic Table, superbly fashioned out of slatted timber with room for eight people, and a larger version of the Miami Swing with the wide comfortable seat sheltered by a stylish canopy.

There's also Noah's Picnic Table, a Millie Bench and the Maisy Set, all of which will benefit from the new animated assembly instructions specially produced for each new product.

Positive feedback

According to Managing Director Steve Morgan there's been a 'great reaction' to the new range 'with very positive feedback'.

Steve continued:

'While we were all completely confident with the new products, it’s always a bit of a gamble introducing something completely different to the market so we were particularly delighted with the reception for the Noah’s Arbour.'

One reason for Zest's confidence is their partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University where, as part of the new product development, fresh ideas can be prototyped and tested.

So, while products continue to be manufactured to exacting specifications, future trends and initiatives are continually monitored. This boosts innovation and means, we think you'll agree, that the new 2019 products are absolutely on-trend.