These findings from Tetra show that teachers' expectations are exceeded by the offspring of pet-owning families more often than children who come from a non-pet household.

The poll, which was conducted with 1000 parents of 3 – 14-year-olds, also found that children with pets interact more successfully, they are more confident, friendly with greater social skills. Looking after a pet teaches important life skills, making the child more empathetic and compassionate.

Other studies have found that keeping a pet of any sort provides emotional support, reducing stress and allowing the child to unwind and relax. This can be useful when anxiety peaks, for example when changing schools or visiting the dentist.   

Health benefits

Evidence suggests feeding and caring for a pet means that parenting skills are developed for later life, and practical benefits might include the prevention of allergies when a child is in close contact with a pet from early on in their life. 

Walking, playing and running with a dog can also only be good for your child's health, with the result that fewer visits to the doctor are required.  

Although beneficial for their children, having a pet is good for all the whole family, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the home, and encouraging interaction from everyone.   

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