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Dan has a keen interest in film and photography and whilst still at college he started a small media production company which he still is greatly involved with today. His main interests in editing and post production of short films and music videos was a significant factor in securing Dan a full time position at GardenSite. He now usees these skills producing video content for our website and social media pages. Dan also has an interest and knowledge of coldwater and tropical aquatics and when not filming or editing a video he can be found in our Aquatics Department where he is one of our key sales advisors and also manages our Returns Department. Dan is also keen to buy his first house.

Dan Everton's Articles

Tetra Survey Proves Pets Are Good For Children


Tetra have been innovators in the world of aquatics for over 60 years, and Dan Everton has been reading a research survey they have recently published proving that keeping a pet is good for your children.

Author: Dan Everton

Written by Dan Everton.
Published on Monday, 27th of June, 2016.

Dwarf Gourami - Small Fish, Big Impact


In this guide I will be telling you all about one of my favourite freshwater tropical fish, the Dwarf Gourami which we have in stock at our aquatic superstore.

Author: Dan Everton

Written by Dan Everton.
Published on Friday, 4th of July, 2014.

Guide to Pond Plants

Fish Tank

This guide by Dan Everton will help you to understand pond plants better and to be able to make an informed choice when you decide to add them into your pond.

Author: Dan Everton

Written by Dan Everton.
Published on Thursday, 31st of March, 2016.