Palram is already at the cutting edge of innovation, manufacturing high quality garden structures, a superb selection of expertly designed and robustly crafted gazebos, carports, patio covers, sheds and greenhouses.

Many of our customers will know Palram as a company that's been around for over half a century, however, from now on, starting from Q2 (July) 2021 - Canopia will be their new and updated brand name.

Their existing product line will not be going away though, and Palram will continue to offer a market-leading range of outdoor solutions made from state-of-the-art materials that offer outstanding durability - now under their overhauled brand Palram - Canopia.

Palram Canopia's New Brand Logo
Palram Canopia's New Brand Logo

With a rich history, Palram established itself at the forefront of the technology revolution of the 1960s, developing thermoplastics and matching them with world-class designers to produce the unique garden products that are on offer today.

GardenSite has been a major UK retailer selling Palram's products since 2015, David Coton, partner at GardenSite stated that:
"I'm a personal fan of Palram products and I know our customers love them too. They bring a fresh approach to garden storage in the UK and the aftercare support provided by Palram's UK HQ help to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied with their new purchase."

In a recent virtual meeting, Palram's Sales Manager Kris Turner-West was excited to announce that:
"Palram Applications is re-branding to "Canopia by Palram" and GardenSite are one of the first retailers in the UK to be told this exciting news.".

Both GardenSite and Palram are excited to see this fantastic product range get overhauled to offer a more positive experience for our customers. We will no doubt be looking to extend our online range, to offer the complete Palram Canopia collection for sale on GardenSite, which will include:


These contemporary garden structures are the perfect place to relax and there are now eight different types with outstanding specifications that boast polycarbonate roof panels, powder coated aluminium frames and secure anchoring from which to choose.

These include the fully enclosed Garda and Ledro models and each design, such as the flat topped Milano, curved Tucson or pyramid shaped Palermo are available in various sizes. If you require a hexagonal gazebo, then the Monaco or Roma fits the bill while the Martinique rectangular gazebo is ideal to cover a spa or barbecue.


Arcadia car ports are 12ft wide, the most compact is large enough for a family car and the largest is a 42ft structure that will accommodate a caravan. Again UV resistant polycarbonate is used for the roof to protect your car from weather and sunlight damage, and aluminium provides a very sturdy and secure frame. 

Patio covers and sun rooms

With enough room for a table and chairs, Palram Canopia sunrooms offer a very stylish way to extend your living space into the garden. They are also suitable for growing plants as sunlight flows through clear panels and heat is retained by twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels. 

Sierra and Olympia patio covers allow you to enjoy your outside space even if it is raining and provide shade during the hottest weather. Polycarbonate panels protect you against damaging UV rays and diffuse harsh sunlight and the powder-coated aluminium frame that's fitted with integral guttering will not corrode.

Door covers in various designs and specifications mean that you will never again get wet searching for your keys. The clear panels let through plenty of light and can be used to attractively protect both doorways and windows. Easily and quickly installed they have tough powder-coated metal frames.


Skylight sheds replicate the traditional appearance of traditional timber structures but they have the major advantage of needing no maintenance. Amber, anthracite or tan coloured and strengthened by an aluminium frame, their unique roof panels look opaque but in fact allow through light into the well ventilated interior.


There is an exceptional selection of greenhouses with sizes to fit every garden and prices for all budgets. Much use is made of twin-wall polycarbonate panels for good reason, they are easy to install, resist variations in temperature and because they are virtually unbreakable, are particularly suitable if there are children around. 

Crystal clear panels allow through 90% of light but still block UV rays and with a twin wall roof adding effective insulation and light diffusion, the interior of your greenhouse becomes a thriving growing environment for all types of plants. More information is available in our blog: Why Palram Uses Polycarbonate Glazing.