Polycarbonate is particularly strong, UV resistant, won't be affected by variations in temperature and is virtually unbreakable. It will not rot, rust or peel and is therefore entirely appropriate for use outdoors.

Palram has 50 years of experience in the manufacture of this highly durable material that is also used for greenhouses, cold frames, sun tunnels and carports. 

Skylight sheds

There is a selection of four 6ft wide skylight sheds, ranging from 3ft to 10ft in length, plus another that measures 4ft wide and 6ft long.

A unique feature is their skylight roof which has panels that transmit natural light during the day while appearing opaque from the outside. This offers both privacy and peace of mind as there is no need for vulnerable windows.

The cladding is reinforced by an aluminium frame, so will not fracture or bend. There are front and back air vents, an easy access ramp and inside an anti-slip floor. A lockable latch provides extra security.

Palermo gazebos

Palram's Palermo Gazebo is an ideal place in which to entertain or dine undercover with family and friends. You could also be inventive, perhaps placing one over a hot tub and have a thoroughly relaxing time.

Similar to their other structures, the gazebo, that comes in two sizes, is maintenance-free, sturdily constructed and can be anchored for extra stability. Clips allow you to fit curtains and other decorations, creating a very stylish addition to your garden.

Palram will certainly complement Gardensite's existing range of plastic sheds and storage solutions, and we very much looking forward to offering their high-quality products to our customers.