NatWest Visit To Gardensite March 2014

Robert Hall recently met with Peter Tooke and Surinder Summan from Natwest Bank to talk gardening, business, company history and social media.

Created by Robert Hall on Wednesday, 2nd of April, 2014.
Updated on Thursday, 17th of December, 2015.

Robert Hall with Summan Surinder & Peter Tooke from NatWest Business

We are always pleased to meet Peter Tooke, our NatWest Relationship Manager and welcomed him back again to our garden centre last month. We nearly always meet in The Garden Room (the former Place 2B public house) located next to our Garden Centre in Sutton Coldfield, that we acquired and converted into a wonderful place to eat, drink and shop.

Peter and NatWest supported our purchase of this property back in December 2009 allowing us to extend our garden centre considerably. The support, in principle, was famously put in place during a single phone call with Peter.

On this occassion Peter was accompanied by Surinder Summan who was keen to see what we were creating and lend his support. I had previously met Surinder at Nat West Birmingham (St. Philips Place) several years ago.

My Garden Centres and GardenSite website have banked with NatWest since the late 1970s when Jeff Hilliar, the manager at Gt. Hampton Street in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, won our business from Lloyds Bank. The business relationship has continued since and been mutually beneficial.

On this day it was our pleasure to teach Peter and Surinder what we understand about social media and the impact it can, and will, have on business. As part of our support for GardenSite and our bricks and mortar outlets we engage consistently, and reach out to our customers and our potential customers.

We are currently researching the company's history in detail and Peter and Surinder are seen helping us sort through the old photographs we have from the 1950s onwards. Great social history and great social media rolled into one.

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