With all the talk of the death of the high street, it's nice to be able to bring a bit of colour to shoppers each year with our hanging baskets, which adorn the Sutton Coldfield Shopping Mall.

Shoppers love flowers

Hall's Garden Centre supplies 80 winter hanging baskets in February and 80 summer hanging baskets in June to the Sutton Coldfield Shopping Mall (formerly known as Gracechurch shopping centre) each year.

"Over the years, we have supplied well over 1,000 winters, spring and summer hanging baskets and topiary balls to the shopping centre to provide all-year-round interest and colour". David Hall

The winter baskets are currently looking at their best right now, covered in yellow, blue, pink primula flowers.

The summer baskets are filled with an array of summer bedding plants including Fuschias, Lobelias, Bacopa, Geraniums, Begonias, Lotus, Verbena, Brachycome plus lots more. It is a total array of colour, designed to be a long-lasting display, with a gorgeous variety of flowers.

All the baskets are fitted with an automatic irrigation system to keep them watered and reduce maintenance. 

The next time you are in the Shopping Mall, remember to look up and enjoy wonderful natural colour amongst the crowds.

Hall's Garden Centre

We have a wide selection of hanging baskets and bedding plants in stock during late spring and early summer at our Sutton Coldfield garden centre.

Call David Hall or Dan Saul on 0121 355 7701 at our New Oscott Garden Centre if you want to check availability or place an order.

Visit our Contact Us page for details of how to find us.