Of course, there’s the traditional chocolate, roses or wine, but these can often be looked upon as predictable and, dare we say, ‘lazy’ gifts with no thought or creativity behind them. What’s worse, the recipient will be lucky if they last a week (much less 24 hours for the wine!).

This year in particular, with the cost of living crisis in full force, why not take the opportunity to make a more considered and thoughtful gesture and buy the one you love something longer lasting that they will treasure and, more importantly, actually use well after others’ chocolates have been scoffed and bouquets wilted away?

Love the sentiment but need some inspiration? Below we have compiled a short list of 4 of our favourite Valentine’s gift ideas suitable for every budget:

Companion sets

Spend more quality time together with one of our timber or wicker companion sets. Traditionally two seats linked together by a static table, these sets are arguably better than a standard two-person bench as they allow you your own individual seat whilst still keeping you connected. Rest your hot cup of tea or coffee on the shared table as you watch the sun rise and listen peacefully to the birds chirping away. You can even add footstools for that extra level of relaxation and serenity.

Two men sitting on a companion seat with coffee
Charles Taylor Angled Companion Set

Romantic statues

When words just aren’t enough, express your undeniable love with a meaningful statement piece.

Our favourite designs are contemporary and simplistic with smooth curves and subtle detailing, perfectly depicting loved-up couples as they enjoy a stolen moment.

Made from crushed marble and resin, these intimate pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are weather-resistant, meaning they can be enjoyed all year round - the perfect way to remind your loved one that you’re always thinking of them, even when you’re apart.

White marble and resin statue of couple
Inseparable 80cm Statue

Cute and quirky animal ornaments

You may be questioning what animals have to do with Valentine’s day, but hear us out on this one. Love comes in many different forms, and sometimes it’s nice to think outside the box and buy a gift that has less obvious significance to outsiders and is instead more personal to you as a couple.

Whether you share children, pets or even just want something to act as memorabilia of a special holiday or experience, we have a wide range of animal ornaments to honour each and every moment.

Mother and baby bear animal ornament
Vivid Arts Mother & Baby Bear Brown 30cm
Sausage dog resin animal ornament
Vivid Arts Dachshund Ornament
Ginger cat sitting on plant pot
Vivid Arts Sitting Ginger Cat Ornament

Water features

It may only be the beginning of February but the sun is already shining and we’ll all be spending more and more time outdoors before we know it! With the ‘self-care’ era well and truly upon us, water features can be used to contribute to positive mental health and well-being. The delicate sound of trickling water is undeniably soothing and will without a doubt help loved ones to re-charge their batteries and clear their mind after a busy day.

We have selected a few of our favourite ‘couple’ water features below:

Water feature featuring a kissing couple
Kiss Lady In Blue Granite Fountain Water Feature
Water feature featuring a couple
Meditating Couple with 2 Stainless Steel Spheres Water Feature

We hope that this blog has given you some new and exciting gift ideas for the big day - now there’s really no excuse for bland and boring presents! On an international holiday that’s all about showing your significant other how much you care, simply focus on gifting ‘smart’ whilst still keeping within your budget.