Their question was 'Could GardenSite supply ten Apollo Pergolas?'

Our answer was of course was 'yes' but we wondered what they were going to be used for.

Historical dramas such as Beowulf depend on realistic sets with thoroughly convincing props. So you might think that something as modern as the Apollo Pergola might look somewhat out of place in the Dark Ages.

Publicity photographs provided a clue, with the pergolas draped with hides and transformed into rudimentary tents.

There was no doubting the circular domed shape of these highly distinctive garden features, that now provide shelter for the heroic leader and his followers.

As seen on ITV

The Grange Apollo Pergola or 'Pod' as it's called, is certainly in demand, they have proved very popular with our customers and have also appeared Love Your Garden, another ITV series with Alan Titchmarsh.

The reasons for the popularity are clear. Manufactured by Grange Garden Products they are sturdily made from top quality curved timber beams and rafters to form a superb contemporary piece.

You may want to follow Beowulf's example, but we think that these lovely pergolas are ideal as a sun drenched picnic area.

They look fabulous in any garden, extremely well made and innovatively designed. Somewhere relaxing to spend lazy afternoons throughout the warm summer months.

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