The Food Growing Schools: London Partnership offers participating schools the required expertise, information and support to grow their own food and GardenSite is proud to offer such a generous prize.

Food Growing Schools London Logo
Food Growing Schools London Logo

Students are learning how to cultivate, cook and prepare an impressive range of food and then share it on a picnic day at their school. Along the way and throughout the summer term they are uploading photographs and updates on Twitter by using #GrowYourOwnPicnic.

They are discovering that it's only enthusiasm, water and sunshine that's required, not gardening experience and that the amount of space needed can be anything from a windowsill upwards. You can grow anywhere if everyone involved is willing to work together.

The project has received widespread praise including from Rosie Boycott, the Mayor of London's Food Advisor, who wants to see every school in London growing food, she says,

'We've made huge progress with many pupils now reaping the rewards of outdoor learning. This new initiative will help us go further and reach more schools'.

Free resources and expert advice are available on planning how and what to grow, and also how to get the local community involved with workshops, fairs and competitions culminating in the school family picnic day.

Food Growing Schools London Logo
Food Growing Schools London Logo

To win the £500 gift voucher, that can be spent on a huge variety of garden products ranging from garden planters to mini greenhouses like cold frames or even a shed for a little extra storage, schools will submit a 50 words or less description of their activities, school garden plans, picnic ideas or just say how the prize will assist their growing ambitions.

If you need a little bit of an insight on what you can start growing why not visit our handy guide, giving you great ideas for each month. In the guide you'll find inspiration to grow flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables you might not have even came across before, but they will certainly make you stand out from the crowd!

If you can't wait to get started then head straight to the Competition Form.

All the information to start sowing and growing can be found at Grow Your Own Picnic or visit the Win a GardenSite voucher page.


Announcing the Winner

The winner of the £500 gift voucher is announced! Congratulations to Warren Road Primary School.

The gift voucher was greatly received by the school, as Tom Bateson, Sustainability Leader at Warren Street Primary said:

”The door on our current greenhouse has broken and is too dangerous for children to go into now, so we’ll be unable to grow plants over the winter. Now thanks to this prize, we’re looking to get a brand new greenhouse and some other items from GardenSite to allow the pupils to keep growing food and to support outdoor learning all year round.”

Tom Bateson also explained

“We grow vegetables in the school garden and when we have a good harvest, we sell the food to the school kitchen as well as to parents after school, this means that we can return the money back into the Eco budget to grow more plants the following year.”

Which we are delighted to be part of, to continually help the children get involved with gardening. Through the opportunity to support Warren Road school in growing more vegetables in the coming years was a fantastic opportunity. 

Partners David Coton, David hall and staff members with a £500 voucher for Food Growing Schools.
Partners David Coton, David Hall and staff members with a £500 voucher for Food Growing Schools. 
School Children pictured with the £500 voucher.
School Children pictured with the £500 voucher.