Peace and privacy, that's what most people want from a garden and the latest innovative fencing from Forest guarantees that from now on any outside space can be a much quieter place in which to relax.

Noise reduction

Forest's brand new Noise Reduction Fence Panel features Triform Technology, although the panels appear to be conventional they have a specially developed profile containing multiple angles that disperse noise and reduce its intensity.

How effective are these panels in reducing the impact of barking dogs, loud music and noisy neighbours? The answer is very effective, making your environment a much calmer and enjoyable space. 

This is achieved by the new technology reflecting, diffusing and absorbing noise, and a 45mm gap-free frame ensuring that no noise passes through. Everyday distractions such as a neighbour's lawnmower are reduced to the level of a conversation.

Independent tests carried out in accordance with British Standards show a 30-decibel difference, with each successive 10dB reduction halving the noise level, this is quite a result if you value your garden's tranquillity.

Attractive appearance

Groundbreaking technology does not adversely affect the fencing's appearance and Forest claim that their noise reduction fence panels are more attractive and affordable than any comparable product.

The standard 6ft panels feature a smooth planed finish to highlight the timber's natural beauty and are made from pressure treated 17mm interlocking tongue & groove timber.

They can replace existing panels or used to build a new fence and, as a 15-year guarantee is offered against rot, there's no doubt that they present a long term and very effective enhancement to your garden.