Fruit and vegetables are thriving on city window ledges, balconies and even ceilings, resulting in the sales of indoor allotment sets increasing by 950%. 

Indoor allotments

There's quite a choice of these sets, allowing you to grow herbs and salad leaves on your windowsill. Extremely cute miniature allotment plots have a shed and picket fence, there's a mini-planter, or small wooden trough. You can even buy a mini set of gardening implements to tend your diminutive plot.

Sales of ceiling hanging pots have grown tremendously. These are quite bizarre, and most of your visitors will be taken aback by the sight of plants hanging from the kitchen ceiling in an Upside Down Plant Holder or similar Sky Planter in which you can grow many house plants and vegetables.

Butterfly gardens

We all know that many youngsters have a fondness for creepy crawlies, and children's butterfly gardens have been another sales success this year.

The kits come complete with caterpillars that the children look after until a butterfly emerges from its cocoon to be released or observed in a large 'butterfly pavilion'. Stick and other insects are available and the gardens can be used again after more caterpillars are purchased.

Although the report found that nationally, residents of central and east London topped the urban gardening charts, people from the Midlands had the greenest fingers, spending their hard earned money on sprayers, hose pipes and a large amount of compost.