Mothers play a huge part in their children's lives while growing up and even when they have grown up. So it is only natural that they get a day to celebrate all the hard work they do for their familiy.

Mother's Day gift ideas

Thousands of cards get sent each year with a range of humorous, homemade and the ‘I Love You’ cards. 

A big tradition on Mother's Day is to give flowers to show how much you care and love your mum. But these days there is also a wider selection of gifts available such as; Teddy Bears, everyday essentials, food, drink and pampering products.

However, nothing beats an unexpected knock at the door by a smiling delivery driver with a fresh bouquet of flowers for your mum.

Big Hint: Mums like to relax all day and be pampered, so don't forget to make her a cup of tea or glass of something stronger!

The history of Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is more traditionally known as Mothering Sunday across the UK and it has been celebrated since 250 BC.

The earliest recorded Mother’s Day celebration can be traced back to ancient Greece where they honoured Rhea who was the goddess of female fertility and motherhood.

In the 1600s the young boys and girls who were in service where allowed one day off a year to see their family. The day most of the children were allowed off was Mothering Sunday. A special cake called the mothering cake was made by the cooks in the house, this was given to the kids to present to their parents as a gift and somewhere allowed to pick flowers from the gardens.

How do you work out when Mother's Day is? Apart from looking at a calendar, the way to work out the date of Mother's Day is to count four Sundays after Lent. Mothers day isn't always the same date due to this.