Metals garages have come a long way from the dilapidated examples you sometimes see that have been eaten away by rust.


For example, the Yardmaster 10ft x 17ft metal garage is painted inside and out, so there are no expensive rust proofing materials to purchase, and it's guaranteed not to rot, blister, crack or split. Transparent roof panels let in plenty of light, the garage is well ventilated, has excellent headroom and double hinged doors allow easy access.

Lotus by Globel

Finished in Anthracite Grey, Lotus by Globel have a range of six garages and workshops that are 10ft wide and up to 19ft long. Integral vented gables ensure a good circulation of air and minimal condensation, double hinged doors result in excellent access. They are all made from heavy-duty hot-dipped galvanized steel and are spacious inside with high walls and, because they are innovatively designed, home assembly is quicker than before and requires fewer parts.

Store More

Store More offer a range of four emerald green 'Olympian' garages, wider at 12ft but again made from high quality steel that is powder coated and guaranteed against rot, cracking and warping. 

They have large roll up doors with a high apex roof, and another side door. These are very sturdy structures, simple to assemble with great build quality. The largest is 38ft long, so extremely useful in which to park a car and have extra storage space.


Rowlinson, better known for their timber products, have four ‘Murryhill’ 12ft wide garages from 10ft to 31ft deep. They offer strength, space and good looks.

The steel has a tough vinyl coating, said to be five times stronger than a standard finish, and the modular garage is easily constructed to offer fire, rot and rodent resistant environment.

Whichever you choose, there's no doubt that metal garages are a viable alternative to timber and plastic, especially considering their maintenance free qualities, study construction and easy assembly..