It is a brand we have been selling consistently on GardenSite for nearly 25 years. My old friend and renowned expert in this field is Bernard Schreiber and he was insistent on the matter.

‘There is no better metal shed, Robert’,

He was right.

Back then it was only the Biohort Europa, still the flagship of the range, but times have changed and Biohort have changed too by introducing some new and innovative style metal sheds that continue to keep them ahead of the competition.

Biohort Highline 9 x 5ft (H1) in silver

We decided to display the Biohort Highline at our centre and picked the ever popular 9ft x 5ft version with a single in silver as our chosen model.

It arrived directly from Austria and comes in several boxes to make carriage somewhat easier. The lengths of the boxes alone mean they are a 2 man carry but none of the boxes are overly heavy when you consider they are full of metal. For larger models these boxes will be housed in a wooden crate for even greater protection.

A tube of Biohort silver metallic repair paint

What is the Biohort packaging like?

The packaging is exemplary starting with the boxes themselves which are heavy duty cardboard so there are no bits of metal sticking out one end. Everything remained confined to the box. Inside the boxes wood, card, foam, and a little polystyrene form the bulk of the internal packaging that is designed to eliminate any damage, but still with an eye on minimising waste. Our display model had a couple of minor scuffs but there were only surface marks and I’m sure will polish out. But if not, you do get a tin of touch up paint too.

How easy to follow are the Biohort instructions?

The instruction manual is pictorial in a step by step fashion with the relevant piece highlighted in yellow so it’s very easy to follow. One point we would emphasise is that a lot of the construction takes place with inside panels of the shed facing you so we would recommend laying the panels on some old carpet or an old blanket to protect the painted outside surfaces.

It might be a Biohort Highline but it’s still a metal shed so there are lots of bits of metal to screw together, as you would imagine. However, most of the frame comes with readily formed lengths of metal so you do not have to screw 10 pieces of metal together to create one useable piece. And the screws and fixings supplied are all good quality too, as you would expect.

Two men constructing a Biohort Highline metal shed in a silver finish

How easy is it to build the Biohort Highline H1?

It’s a 2 man job, but only because you often need someone to hold part of the shed whilst you screw something to it or together. One able bodied DIY enthusiast would have no problem with a willing helper. Construction of our display model was started towards the end of the day and the walls of the shed were attached to the frame within a couple of hours, or so. I had been off work so Matthew helped Simon to start it off. The roof went on before I got into work the next morning which pleased me but unfortunately the first photo I have shows the shed virtually constructed. I had intended photographing it at earlier stages but was unable to. Matthew finished the job later in the day and then put together the accessories that we had also purchased.

Is the Biohort Highline worth the money?

I would say that there are better value for money metal sheds on the market as the Biohort range are more expensive than most. And there are some really good deals on metal sheds if you are working to a budget. Having said that the Highline still represents good value for money as the building is very highly engineered and unlikely to give you any wear and tear issues for very many years. The opening hinged door is a good example better quality engineering when compared to the sliding double doors available on most similar garden sheds.

What are my final thoughts on the Highline range?

This shed is very well engineered, aesthetically pleasing on the eye, light and roomy to access and certainly strong enough for the job. The cost of delivery from Austria and the packaging has to be built into the price so you have to pay for this luxury. Would I recommend the Biohort Highline to family, friends and my customers? Yes I would, without hesitation.

A view of the top half of a biohort highline metal shed, showing off the roof height windows
A fully constructed Biohort Highline metal shed in a grey finish
A view from the inside of a Biohort Highline metal shed, showcasing its many windows


A close up shot of the front of a smart looking Biohort Highline metal shed in a grey finish 

The Biohort Highline is available in 5 sizes (H1, H2, H3, H4 and H5) and 3 colours (metallic silver, metallic dark grey and metallic quartz grey).