A robust decorative liner which is watertight and coated with real pebbles for a realistic and very natural look, the Oase Stone Liner is the perfect way to cover the gap between the edge of your pond and the surface of the water.

It's suitable for use under or out of the pond water, will survive for many years, and can also be used for other applications such as a pathway or, combined with a normal liner, to create a decortive watercourse. The underside is fleece lined so that, if placed over soil, weeds are not going to grow through. 

We even had one customer who purchased the widest size for his duck pond to give the ducks something to grip onto when getting in and out, as they were slipping on the traditional liner and disappearing back into the pond..

Four widths available

Oase Stone Pond Liner , Pebbles on the edge of a pond

Available only in the sand colour which is shown, Oase currently produce Stone Liner in four widths and these are: 0.4 metre (1ft 3ins), 0.6 metre (1ft 11ins), 1 metre (3ft 3ins) and 1.2 metres (3ft 9ins) wide. All of these rolls are 0.5mm thick. We sell our Oase Stone Liner per running metre and half metre lengths are also available for those who only need a small amount.

Three year guarantee

The Oase Stone Liner is guaranteed for three years and we recommend that it should be bonded to your PVC or rubber liner using Oase's Uni-Fix.