Oase currently have three pond vacuums available, two under the Oase brand and one under their economy brand Pontec. We're lucky enough to have access to all three, giving our customers a wide choice of these market leaders.

Oase net waste bag

This is a great accessory as it allows you to put your matured pond water back into the pond but remove the debris at the same time, ideal if you don't want to refill the pond with tap water, a good money saver over time.

A net bag is used by all three vacuums. When you suck the water and sludge out of the pond it will go into your container and then drain out of the container through an outlet hose. The net waste bag is located at the end of the hose and catches the debris while allowing you put the water back into the pond.

PondoVac Classic

Oase Pondovac Classic review

The Pondovac Classic is the basic pond vacuum under the Oase brand, it's very easy to use and comes with everything but the net waste bag which can be purchased separately. 

The Pondovac Classic can be used for the pond, pool or as a general household vacuum with the paper bag provided. It has a waterproof switch on top for safe turning on and off, all the connections for hoses are push fit allowing for fast installation and tidying away after use.

Included with the vacuum is a 4 metre suction hose with four suction tubes which are solid extension tubes and push fit into one another, plus 2 metres of outlet hose. This can be extended with an optional Oase Extension Discharge Set. It's also provided with four different suction nozzles for different types of cleaning from an algae nozzle to a variable nozzle.

The 1400 watt motor has a 4 metre cable and provides plenty of suction for cleaning your pond but I would advise the larger Pondovac 4 if you have a large pond as it has a more powerful motor. The motor has two quick release clamps so that it can be taken off to clean the inside, these are tough but very easy to remove when you need to. 

You'll have a two year guarantee from yhe purchase date on the Pondovac Classic so if the product fails due to a manufacturing fault it can be replaced.

Oase Pondovac 4 review

The Pondovac 4 is Oase's luxury pond vacuum, this has a more powerful motor at 1700 watts which is 300 watts more than the Classic, so it's suitable for cleaning larger and deeper ponds. The power cable length is the same, 4 metres and the motor is removed via the quick releases clamps, so it's as simple to use as the Pondovac Classic.

The Pondovac 4 comes with a base on which to store your extension pipes. Wheels and an adjustable handle are provided for easy transportation around the garden.

There is a hand regulator which is good for shallow water and 4 nozzles similar to the Classic, but you also get the net waste bag with this model.

There is a 3 year guarantee, again this protects you against any manufacturing faults which may cause the product to fail. 

So the Pondovac 4 is more expensive but you get a an extra year guarantee, the net waste bag, wheels and a handle for easy logistics, a longer suction hose at 5 metres, a longer outlet hose at 2.5 metres and a more powerful motor.  

Pontec Pondomatic

Pontec Pondomatic review

Last but not least, the Pontec Pondomatic. Oase's Pontec range of products still have that great Oase manufacturing quality but are marketed under this 'budget' brand.

The Pontec Pondomatic has a 1400 watt motor like the Classic and 4 metres of electrical cable. It comes with 3 suction nozzles, so one less than the Classic, but all the ones needed for your pond are with the product.

You also get your outlet hose but not the net waste bag which is the same as the Pondovac Classic.

The Pondomatic comes with a 2 year guarantee just like the Classic which means you're protected against manufacturing faults if the vacuum fails.