As the lighter evenings begin to creep in and temperatures start to rise, it’s time to put away the winter coat, dust off your sandals and get excited for summer! It goes without saying that the warm weather certainly puts people in a celebratory mood which, in turn, often sparks the beginning of the outdoor entertainment season.

In this blog, we’re going to do our bit to help get you into the party spirit with our curated list of stylish and functional products from Zest that will help you to transform your garden into a party playground to be enjoyed all summer long.

Starting off with no.4 on our list of Zest products for a summer garden party...

A picture collage of the Zest folding garden bar as seen within a garden setting.

No.4 Folding Garden Bar

Some say it’s not all about the drinks, but we beg to differ! Whether you’re partial to an alcoholic tipple or prefer to keep it cool with a refreshing mocktail, this garden bar will certainly help to keep the good vibes flowing.

Boasting a functional folding design, not only is this bar simple to assemble (which is great for spontaneous gatherings), but it can also be easily put away to one side after the party’s over. This makes it a suitable product for all shapes and sizes of gardens, including those with small, limited or restricted spaces.

Arguably the most practical benefit of this outdoor bar in terms of entertainment is that it allows guests to replenish their glasses as and when, rather than the host having to continually go back and forth into the house every time someone needs a refill. What’s great about this is that it means less time is wasted running around like a headless chicken, and more quality time can be spent together socialising. Cheers to that!

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A picture collage of the Zest pizza oven table as seen within a garden setting.

No.3 Pizza Oven Table

After the first few initial drinks, everyone will inevitably turn their focus to the food! With the recent rapid rise in sales of pizza ovens (due to their efficient cooking speed and versatility in catering to virtually any dietary requirement), 2023 is most definitely the year to invest in a pizza oven table.

A similar concept to the folding garden bar, this table allows the chef to cook everyone’s meals where it’s all happening (in the garden). Not only will this undoubtedly add an element of drama and entertainment to the day by allowing guests to enjoy the sounds, smells and sights that come with alfresco dining, but it also means that the person doing the cooking can continue to mingle whilst the pizzas crisp up, ensuring they make the most of their time catching up with loved ones, rather than being confined to the kitchen!

What’s more, the pizza oven table’s clever design features fold-up sides and 2 central shelves that offer a convenient space to hold cooking utensils and plates, eliminating the need to continually traipse back indoors to grab your spatula and tongs.

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A picture collage of the Zest Ashton BBQ shelter as seen within a garden setting.

No.2 Ashton BBQ Shelter

If pizza isn't your thing and you prefer to stick to the more traditional spread of barbecued goods, you may want to consider a BBQ shelter.

Not only will the Zest Ashton BBQ Shelter help to create a dedicated area for cooking, but it will also keep the area clean whilst simultaneously preventing ash and debris from dispersing and disturbing guests. Its considered design features a solid enclosed roof that is complemented by the slatted back and sides that will allow the chef to continue socialising as they cook.

What’s more, having a shelter will protect both the food and the chef from the elements, whether that be the blazing sun, gusting winds or pouring rain, meaning  the food won’t be spoiled and, more importantly, the party can go on whatever the weather.

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A picture collage of the Zest Noah's arbour as seen within a garden setting.

No.1 Noah’s Arbour

Although we don’t doubt you throw a stellar party, there will come a point that your guests may want to escape the crowd and take a seat! Whether that’s to enjoy a plate of food or have a catch up with a friend or family member, the Zest Noah’s Arbour provides the perfect environment to do either with ease. 

Boasting a practical enclosed roof and trellis sides, this particular arbour offers protection from the sun if it ever gets a little too hot, providing a cool haven for people to dip in and out of as they please. On the other hand, if the forecast is hit and miss, it allows you to continue with your plans with the assurance that you will have shelter from the rain if the worst case scenario does occur.

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Don’t be late to the party! Get your hands on our select pick of ultimate garden party products to ensure your outdoor events are ones that people will remember for many seasons to come.