Growing your own has so many advantages over shopping for food and, even though supermarkets offer a huge variety of food at reasonable prices, VegTrug ask whether consumers ever think about or question its production.

In particular, the pesticides that are used to improve agricultural efficiency and to meet increased demand, there's no doubt that they negatively impact the natural world and may well adversely affect humans as well.

Organic space saver

That's the reason why VegTrug advocates organic growing and says that there's nothing to compare with the satisfaction of picking and eating produce that you have grown and nurtured.

There are many other reasons why you should invest in a space-saving VegTrug, not the least if you are a keen gardener but only have a balcony or restricted space to work with.

VegTrug planters are manufactured using sustainably sourced timber with membrane liners that ensure good drainage, they are at an easy working height and can be a fun way for children to learn about gardening.

Because the VegTrug is so accessible with no bending or kneeling, disabled and elderly people can also benefit from easily grown fresh organic food.

VegTrug is an easy way to expand your palette, with enough space to grow something exotic alongside familiar vegetables. It can also be utilized throughout the year with winter produce augmenting the autumn harvest.

Classic VegTrug

The Classic VegTrug has an internal depth of 42cm (17ins) and holds 60 litres of compost which is enough room for thirty salad or vegetable plants.

It can be quickly assembled and the timber has been treated with a food safe preservative. When threatened by frost or pests, your crops can be protected by adding netting or fleece.

There's no doubt that the Classic Veg Trug and their other planters and raised beds present you with the possibility of creating a productive environment with a limited amount of effort, fresh organic fruit, vegetables and herbs that don't harm you or the planet.