From its humble beginnings in Odense, Denmark, to the present day where the company has established itself in the USA, Germany and of course here in the UK, the Juliana Group has undoubtedly been on an extraordinary growth journey over the years. Since the Juliana Group moved into the UK greenhouse market, we have worked closely with the offices and staff based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. It goes without saying that business has naturally ebbed and flowed as expected, however, one thing that’s been a constant is our trusting and supportive partnership that continues to go from strength to strength.

Here at GardenSite, we have the privilege of regular meetings with UK Sales Director, David Boswell, who likes to visit our headquarters and Show Site here in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, where we also display many of the Halls Greenhouses, including the Qube and Cotswold variants. The last year alone has seen a slight change in the general mantra of our meetings due to the current cost of living crisis which has meant more focus has been placed on how we can work together to still provide the same quality of greenhouses at an affordable price. The result was a series of promotions on accessories which were offered in an effort to support customers where possible during these difficult times.

Robert Hall, Chairman meets with Chris Napier, Managing Director of the Juliana Group along with David Boswell, Juliana's UK Sales Director

In preparation for the 60th anniversary, GardenSite re-launched the range of Gabriel Ash greenhouses. Without doubt the highest quality of greenhouse made by the Juliana Group, Gabriel Ash is the only timber greenhouse company to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). GardenSite looks forward to promoting and selling these wonderful greenhouses in the future.

To celebrate the milestone that is 60 years of successful business, the Juliana Group is bringing out a brand new and exclusive anniversary greenhouse, the ‘Juliana Jubii 60 Limited Edition’ which is certainly striking at 15m2 with high sides, functional double doors, black-painted profiles and no less than 6 roof vents!

The Juliana Group launch the Jubii 60 limited edition greenhouse in honor of their 60th anniversary.