Napoleon has experienced real growth in its smoking accessories over the last few years. That's no surprise, since they provide cost effective options for barbecue fans. Those experienced smokers and others who are catching up.

David Coton from GardenSite, who's more than eager to check out the Napolean stand at this year's Glee 2013 retail garden show, remarks that

'you don't have to buy a dedicated smoker, you can experience the flavour by using these smoking accessories.'

Smoking food

Originally for preserving the meat, smoking now tenderizes it and adds so much flavour. With accessories from Napolean you can capture a taste like no other. Here's what we'll find on their stand.

There's a PRO Smoker Pipe that is filled with wet wood ships and placed over a burner. Cedar and Maple Planks are designed to be soaked, food placed on them and then put into the grill.

The Charcoal Smoker Tray holds both charcoal and wood chips and can also be used to convert Napolean's Prestige and most of the LEX gas barbecues into charcoal ones.

Finally, there are wood chips that include Mesquit, Maple, Hickory, Cherry and Apple for unique and traditional flavourings.

Napoleon BBQ on

GardenSite already retails an impressive range of Napolean barbecues and accessories, it looks like we are now going to sell a whole lot more.

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