Buying logs can be a little hit and miss, sometimes they are well seasoned and burn well, on other occasions the logs will produce more smoke than heat. That's not the case with the new selection of logs, briquettes and pellets from The Luxury Wood Company as they are kiln dried to eliminate most of the moisture.


Ash and oak logs are particularly popular as they create a lot of heat and burn cleanly due to the timber containing only about 10-20% moisture. There is minimal smoke and therefore little residue is deposited to build up in the chimney or flue.

The firewood is delivered in nets, half or full pallets and it's ready to use straight away. Responsibly sourced from European locations, it is cut to around 25cm (10ins) in length and will fit into all sizes of a wood burner.


Eco briquettes are another product new to GardenSite, they contain no additives or chemicals and can often be used in conjunction with logs, adding them to the fire at night or, if logs become scarce, they can be a valuable alternative.

Their heat output is much greater than logs and a bright colourful flame is produced because of their low moisture content. With minimal ash and little build-up of residue in your flue, they will prolong the life of your wood-burning stove.


Imperial Heat wood pellets are delivered in 10kg bags, 96 to a pallet and are again sustainably manufactured. They represent 100% renewable energy with low carbon emissions and a high output of energy.

With excellent energy efficiency, these pellets are very quickly gaining popularity. They can fuel entire heating systems. and their use will result in a notable reduction in your energy bills.

Finally, if you thought that peat was outdated you'll have to think again as slow-burning peat briquettes can now be delivered on a pallet to your front door. A very economical, long-lasting, fuel that has a high heat output and comes shrink wrapped.