Based in Horstel, north west Germany, and founded just after the war, Oase have developed a big reputation for outdoor water installations, with impressive projects that interplay water with light and sound. 

Indoor aquatics

Then three years ago, after taking over Eden, an Italian manufacturer of high quality aquariums, they moved into the indoor aquatics market. Oase have subsequently developed the Eden range with the eventual aim of branding it under their own name. 

Their intention to become a major player was further enhanced by the surprise acquisition of Reef One, manufacturers of the technologically advanced biOrb aquariums. 'A perfect fit' was how Oase's CEO described the biOrb purchase, with both companies striving for 'quality, unique design, service and innovation.' 

Aquarium products for 2016

I focussed with Andrew on the first major product launch of Oase's expanded operations, three Oase branded aquariums, internal and external aquarium filters, air pumps and sump pumps that are due to arrive in the UK in May

We also saw how other products such as Aquamax pumps, Filtral filters and Vitronic clarifiers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art environment.

Drainage And irrigation

Our attention was also drawn to the irrigations and drainage range that Oase has been working on. Marketed under the ProMax name, these products include clean and dirty water pumps together with garden and fountain pumps. 

Suitable for various domestic and commercial applications from emptying swimming pools, relieving flooding to helping with recycling, these water pumps that will also be available on GardenSite soon after their UK launch.

Online or aquatics superstore

As one of the few 5star retailers in the UK, GardenSite have been judged by Oase to have knowledgeable staff who deliver excellent customer service on a comprehensive range of products. The Oase range is available at our Aquatics Superstore in north Birmingham and also online through our Oase and BiOrb shops on GardenSite.