As a UK market leader in selling gardening and aquatics products, television production companies often ask us for help. This time we came to the rescue of BBC's flagship do-it-yourself show, DIY SOS, presented by Nick Knowles.

This week's programme involves a very worthwhile project in Warrington, helping a man who had suffered a disabilitating stroke and his wife rebuild their lives.

A whole range of practical improvements are made to their house so that these previously very active people could again be self-reliant and not have to accept help from family, friends and the state.

The programme will be shown on Thursday 11th September at 8pm on BBC One.

Returning to normality

The main building work consists of a single storey extension containing a bedroom and wet room together with space for specialised equipment.

But before the couple returned to something approaching normality after a traumatic year, a few home comforts were needed.

And this is where GardenSite, in the form of aquatic experts Andrew Hall and Nathan James Dodd, assisted the show when they travelled to the family home and installed a biOrb fish tank.

If you're unfamiliar with these tanks, they are like no other, a contemporary take on a traditional goldfish bowl.

The biOrb difference

With a crystal clear acrylic front and back, biOrb aquariums are finished with a seamless acrylic wrap and available in three colours, chilli red, ice white and piano black.

They also feature the latest technology including biOrb's advanced filtration system which keeps the water cleaner and clearer for longer, providing a healthier habitat for fish with very little maintenance.

We chose the 'biOrb Life 15 litre' aquarium as most suitable on this occasion. It's a compact version of the larger Life tanks and is ideal for a kitchen or similar sized area.

The biOrb fitted the bill perfectly and introduced light, colour and life into the household. If you want a similar effect in your home, choose from the full range of biOrb aquariums.

Further information

DIY SOS website