Pizza may not be native to the UK, but with over 15% of us Brits eating it more than once a week, it’s safe to say we are seriously passionate about it!

With the average flight from London to Rome taking approximately 2-3 hours, it’s (unfortunately) not viable for us to travel the 900 plus miles every time we fancy a slice of authentic cheesy deliciousness. So, how can we achieve that real Italian taste from the comfort of our very own home? The answer: purchase a pizza oven.

Ranging from gas to wood-fired, from small and portable ovens that sit on top of your existing barbecue to standalone multi-tiered cooking chambers, the choice is undeniably vast and there is a size and style of oven to suit any garden or outdoor space.

Hungry for more? Discover our top 4 reasons why we believe buying a pizza oven is worth your dough:

The anthracite gas-fired pizza oven from Fontana.
The anthracite gas-fired pizza oven from Fontana.

Money-saving alternative

Investing in a pizza oven will require some upfront costs, but they’re extremely cheap to run. In fact, many people use them as a way to cut their energy bills as cooking outdoors with a pizza oven means you’re using less gas and electricity inside your home, which will inevitably save you some pennies over time.

Make pizza taste better

Have you ever wondered why pizzas cooked in the kitchen just don’t quite hit the spot? That’s because the results from cooking in a conventional domestic oven are incomparable to cooking in a pizza oven. To explain, due to their unique size and shape, pizza ovens can reach higher temperatures much quicker than domestic ovens could ever dream of. The intense yet evenly distributed heat gives you more control over the quality of your pizza, making it easier to achieve that crisp base, unique texture and bubbling cheesy topping that we all crave.

Cater to all tastes

Pizza by name, but not always pizza by nature! Did you know that pizza ovens can also be used to cook meat, fish, vegetables and even bakery items such as bread and cakes? Their versatility and inclusivity is great if you are using it regularly and want to maintain a balanced and varied diet, or more simply if you are hosting guests with dietary intolerances or have kids who are fussy eaters.

Bring people together

Pizza ovens are to be used outdoors which automatically eliminates the need for the person doing the cooking to remain in the kitchen and ‘babysit’ the food. Furthermore, the ovens get so hot that they cook the pizzas within minutes, meaning you can spend more quality time together socialising and catching up.

We hope we have opened your eyes (and your tastebuds) as to some of the many reasons why choosing a pizza oven is a smart idea. Whether you’re looking for a way to cook delicious food without breaking the bank or more simply just can’t get enough authentic Italian pizza, buying a pizza oven is an investment that will give you your return tenfold.

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