There are a large range of sizes to choose from, the smallest diameter is 6ins and the largest 21ins, with six in between. 

6 inch to 14 inch Ball and Base

Five different sized cast stone Balls and Bases, smooth and round, weighing from 10kg (22lbs) to 64kg (141lbs). Even without ornamentation, the balls add interest and a certain gravitas to their location, resting on plain square bases. All these balls, and the others in the collection, are available in three classic colours: portland, bathstone or terracotta.

13 inch to 21 inch Ball and Collared Base

There are three distinctive Balls and Collared Bases in this selection, 13ins, 17ins and 21ins. Again the balls are undecorated cast stone, but this time sit on collared bases. Located on an entrance pier, the impression given will be very imposing, adding a certain dignity to what may be an ordinary gateway. 

Acanthus Leaf Ball and Collared Base

An Acanthus Leaf Ball is decorated by the foliage of the eponymous Mediterranean plant which is so popular in classical ornamentation. Found on architecture, statues, textiles and friezes, the acanthus is a conspicuous form of elaboration, and here its large leaves emanate from a collared base, enveloping the lower half of a plain ball.

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