Although telling the time with a sundial is not absolutely reliable, your bird bath will certainly be a very useful place for wild birds to bathe their feathers and have a refreshing drink.


Both the Baluster Bird Bath and Arcadian Bird Bath are undecorated yet very elegant. Their supporting columns look as though they have been turned on a lathe below generously sized wide rimmed circular bowls. The same two styles can also be bought as bird tables.

The Arcadian is also very popular in store due to its competitive price, which means you can pick up a stone bird bath for under £100. The display models sell out quickly. Customers love being able to collect them, saving a delivery cost, whilst also having a hand loading them into their vehicles.

Regency or Georgian

The Regency Bird Bath has a distinctive yet simply decorative water bowl located above a plain square pedestal. It is also available as a Memorial Bird Bath as the name suggests, a memorial plaque can be attached to the latter's pedestal and there is a receptacle for ashes.

A Georgian Bird Bath has a strigillated baluster decorated with leaf mouldings in the classical style. Gracefully proportioned with a refined appearance, this one does not need garish decoration to be a notable addition to your garden. The Georgian has proved extremely popular among customers on GardenSite purchasing them for stately homes.

Victorian or contemporary

Going forward to the Victorian period, the Hazelwood Bird Bath departs from classical decoration. Its base is covered by an attractive sea shore motif that laps up the pedestal like a wave, no doubt inspired by an era when seaside holidays were gaining popularity.

Finally, if you want contemporary style that would not look entirely out of place in a formal garden, the angular Highland Park Bird Bath has a hint of art deco with decoration replaced by sleek styling. TecStone is used in its manufacture, a form of cast stone that ensures an entirely appropriate smooth finish.

Haddonstone sundial. 


Stylishly enhancing any south facing wall, the Arcadian Wall Sundial has a striking linear decoration that traces the sun's journey throughout the day with a shadow that falls on finely detailed roman numerals.

The baluster shape of the freestanding Arcadian Sundial is accentuated by its smooth cast stone quality. The dial is highly decorated, featuring a stainless steel gnomon and sun motif at the centre of a scene depicting the moon and stars.

Roman or Doric

A recent addition to the range, the Roman Sundial has an elegant wine glass shaped plinth. It is an ornament with classical proportions that will be an graceful focal point suitable to be located on a lawn or courtyard.

Unmistakably with style origins dating back to ancient Greece, the Doric Sundial has a fluted plinth below a flared capital fitted with a brass dial. Truly an imposing piece that will make an impact in any location.


A fine garden ornament, the charmingly styled Baluster Sundial features a beautifully inscribed brass dial and distinctly attractive moulding on the supporting column. This distinguished piece will undoubtedly add character to any garden or terrace. The image shows this birdbath.


The Crescent Sundial takes its name from the delightful crescent-shaped stainless steel gnomon. There's an inscription on the dial that reads 'Hora quasi umbra' that translates as 'Time is but a shadow', an appropriate aphorism that is proved true by any sundial in this impressive selection.