Mothers play a huge part in their children's lives while growing up and even when they have grown up. So, for many years it has only been natural that they get a day when they are the centre of attention. 

Mother's Day flowers

A big tradition on Mother's Day is to give flowers to show how much you care and love your mum. Your choice can be anything from exquisitely scented or vibrantly coloured lilies to elegant roses, beautifully presented and delivered by hand with a personal message. To your Mother's Day flowers you can also add a box of chocolates, teddy bear or balloon to make them extra special.

In addition to fresh flowers, you might want to buy your mother a potted rose. Whether her favourite colour is red, pink, orange or yellow, there will be a rose that suits her. And they come in so many different varieties and types, climbers or bush roses with vivid colour or outstanding scent, there's a breathtaking choice.

Gardening gifts

Spring is definitely around the corner, every keen gardener can't wait until the warmer weather and gifts for the garden will be much appreciated over many years.

One of the most popular gardening gifts would be gardening gloves. There's many different types to protect manicured hands, specially designed to comfortably fit, with fabric that stretches and breathes.

Don't forget other garden tools such as forks, spades and shears. These may not be glamorous but they will be well used consistently for many jobs in the garden and will last for many years.

A padded Kneeler Stool comes attractively boxed to make a perfect present. It will prevent your mum straining her back and will also look after her knees. She can also use it as a garden stool to admire her handiwork while enjoying a cup of tea.

Predicting the weather

Discussing the weather is clearly a national obsession, and a thermometer, hygrometer or barometer, sometimes also with a clock will allow you to make informed decisions on what to plant and harvest. 

An electronic weather station will provide a wealth of information on Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, Rainfall and Wind Speed and Direction that's transmitted to the comfort of your lounge, with alerts set for example when cold weather might harm your non-hardy plants.

Whatever you choose to buy your mother, she'll appreciate the time and trouble you've taken to buy her a lovely gift, and as Mother's Day is only once a year, it's well worth the effort.