Placed on the lawn or in less manicured areas, slightly overgrown where there are broken flower pots, old tree stumps and other hiding places, fairies, gnomes and pixies can surprise and delight both youngsters and adults.

The Toscano collection

Toscano’s collection of top quality resin garden sculptures includes many charming fairies in their garden ornaments range. They are wonderfully detailed, very durable and in a wide range of delightful poses.

The Fairy of the West Wind, with delicate butterfly wings, gracefully plays her flute. The Celtic Fairy is poised to fly, a dainty figure with elaborate wings, pixie ears and tiny toes. The Summertime Fairy sits on a swing in a lifelike manner with only her wings alluding to the fact that she isn’t human.

Appearing to have flown in on the wings of a dream, the ‘Fairy Dust Twins’ are two more beautifully painted pieces that will enhance your garden with magical qualities.

And there’s many more, Secret Garden Fairies, fairies sitting on mushrooms or riding on frogs, gazing into the distance or pondering. The impressive 3ft tall ‘Large Standing Fairy’, is a focal point as well as charming ornament.

Themed self-contained water features are also available such as the Spring Water Fairy from Aqua Creations which is beautifully modelled in polyresin and lit by a cluster LED,

Pixies and gnomes

No one quite knows what pixies get up to, their raison d’etre seems as unclear as their friends, the fairies and elves, but a magical garden without them is unthinkable.

The snubbed nosed and pointy eared ones are modelled sitting, lying and contemplating on mushrooms otherwise known as ‘pixie stools’. All these sculptures capture their adorable personality and somewhat relaxed view of the world.

Wandering through the undergrowth can be your very own wizard dressed appropriately in long robes tied with a rope belt and on his head an impressively tall bell shaped hat. His walking stick is  nearly as big as he is and shaped form a tree branch.

Whether they have place or not in a magical garden is open to question but a cheerful garden gnome will certainly bring with him colour and frivolity, a cheerful presence in a world that can also be mysterious and dark.

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