First a word or two about Halls' history. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that they invented the modern affordable greenhouse in the 1930s. The man (or woman) in the street could now buy a high-quality greenhouse that could be quickly assembled to satisfy the demands of enthusiastic as well as novice gardeners.

Encouraged by their immediate success, Halls continued to develop a range of greenhouses that boasted many different designs and sizes with prices to suit everyone's pocket. Halls also increased their authority in the UK greenhouse market when they bought out AGL Greenhouses in the 1980s, one of their strongest competitors in the market.

After merging with Danish manufacturers Juliana, the Eden brand was taken under the Halls wing, and the company has continued to develop its products and ranges in line with and exceeding customer expectations.

Now for the new season, the Halls greenhouse range has been re-branded into three distinct categories: Traditional (this includes Popular, Magnum and Supreme freestanding greenhouses, Silverline lean-to models plus the Supreme wall garden, a Garden Room and Atrium), Cotswold (the former Eden Birdlip, Burford, Blockley, Bourton and Broadway greenhouses), and the Qube that has quickly become a modern classic.

Traditional greenhouse range

Halls Popular Greenhouses are great for anyone starting their gardening journey, they are well priced, functional and a marvellous introduction to the increased possibilities that a greenhouse can offer. Established best sellers, these freestanding structures are fitted with a skylight and sliding doors, they can be wonderfully productive even in a restricted space.

If you need extra space to grow a wider variety of plants, then the more experienced gardener will not be disappointed with a Halls Magnum or Supreme greenhouse.

8ft wide Magnum greenhouses are particularly strong, very accessible through double sliding doors and well ventilated. Once inside you'll appreciate the height and space that's available to grow a marvellous array of plants. Supreme greenhouses emphasize elegance with their smoothly curved eaves, they are either 6ft or 8ft wide and will stylishly enhance your garden as well as providing a productive growing space.

The three Silverline lean-to greenhouses and the Supreme wall garden, which comes with all the staging, shelving and seed trays you will need, possess similar elegance and are perfect if you lack garden space or want to make full use of an outside wall.

Completing the Traditional ranges are the smartly designed Atrium and the strikingly presented Garden Room. Both structures are fitted with full-length toughened glass and filled with light from every angle, a lovely warm sheltered environment that can be enjoyed for relaxation, growing plants, or both!

New Cotswold greenhouses

The familiar 4ft wide Birdlip, 6ft Burford, 8ft Blockley, 10ft Bourton freestanding and Broadway lean-to greenhouses are now branded as Cotswold rather than Eden. Offering high quality and practical innovation at great prices, these feature rich models are contemporary in style yet very much in the classic English greenhouse tradition.

All Cotswold greenhouses benefit from the revolutionary Zero Threshold sliding door system. There is nothing to step over when entering the greenhouse, no chance of tripping, safe for children and a major advantage if you are a wheelchair gardener or pushing a wheelbarrow. The lockable doors are guaranteed not to jam and the greenhouses are sturdy structures that boast strong aluminium profiles and an integral base.

Easy to assemble, solidly built and low maintenance, the high eaves of the Cotswold range mean that the interior is a spacious growing area. Large roof vents introduce a healthy flow of air, wide gutters capture the maximum amount of rainwater to recycle, and there is a choice of an aluminium, black or green powder-coated frame.

Contemporary Qube greenhouses

A contemporary Qube Greenhouse with a black, powder-coated aluminium frame, stocked with plants

Halls introduced the Qube greenhouse to great acclaim two years ago. They clearly thought 'outside the box' when designing this simple but enormously impressive 6ft wide greenhouse range, and it has now been joined by the 8ft wide Qube+ that has double sliding doors and is just as robust and easy to install.

Conventional extrusions have been done away with by the Qube and replaced by new cross box sections that are far stronger to hold the frame and glass in place. With cables instead of metal bars increasing rigidity and no ridge, even the sliding doors have been re-engineered to ensure they are much more stable,

There's a low threshold and you'll find staging and shelving in the same style will fit perfectly into the Qube's interior without the need for supporting legs and this frees up even more space. By whatever criteria you use, this is a sleekly innovative greenhouse design whose black powder-coated frame blends easily into a modern landscape.

Re-branding is designed to simplify the extensive choice offered by Halls, you now have an easy to understand choice between Traditional, Cotswold and Qube, each range offering individual qualities that appeal to specific gardeners' needs. What hasn't changed is Halls' insistence on high quality and affordability, and you can be assured this will always be evident in whichever greenhouse you choose.

To find out more about the Qube, read Robert Hall's review.